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How do I become happy again?

I used to be so happy. All the time, and I was very positive, and loved being around people. The last three or four months have been different though. I never want to do anything, or see anybody. All I can do is sit, and sleep, and swim. I always feel upset, angry and unhappy, and I cry everyday. This is so extremely unlike me, yet I can't fix it. I just keep pretending to be happy and smile, even though that's the last thing I want to do. Even if I'm hanging out with friends, I can't stop thinking about how much I don't want to be around them.,I just want to be alone (but I'm still unhappy). I'm only 17. I hate feeling this way, and I want to be truly happy again. I don't Know why I am like this. Please help me. Is it just like a "phase" that I'm going through? I really feel like its not. I have had many times in life where I was just not happy, but I always come back to my usual self.. This time I'm not coming back. I'm just so confused and upset, and all I want is to be happy again.

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    Seems like something has happened to trigger you.. a move? parents breaking up or fighting more? pet died? financial stress? If you can't really pin point anything that has occurred to make you feel like this, it might be worth it to go to a doctor and talk to them about potentially getting on some medication. Being a teen means you have all sorts of potential for hormone imbalances, mood swings, etc. and depression can very well be caused by hormones, don't let people tell you otherwise. I think it's very likely that you're depressed.

    Non-medically speaking, I would honestly recommend doing anything that makes you feel 'half-normal' again (or happy, if you are capable of feeling happy still). Maybe you could do a nice favor for someone, or get a puppy, make your favourite food for yourself, make a new friend, one that makes you laugh all the time. It's the little things that will get you out of this funk you seem to be in, if not they will at least help you to remain a bit more positive while you work on recovering.

    Make sure that you tell your parents how you're feeling so they can help you. And if you're currently on any medication such as birth control, or anti-psychotics, TELL YOUR DOCTOR that you are feeling this way, some medications have depression and suicidal tendencies as side effects.

    Please don't feel helpless, there are so many things that can help you out of this situation, even little improvements such as getting more exercise (like swimming more often and more vigorously) can make a difference.

    Source(s): Many, many years of being a teenager that felt exactly how you describe feeling above...only I knew the cause, my crazy mother.
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    No body wants to be sad or depressed but life isn't predictive. So it's normal to have bouts of sadness, negative feelings or anger in between happy moments. Accept this as a fact of life and you may feel better, instead of demanding perfection of happiness most of the time. At your age it may be hormonal problems. Or are you having family, school, friends or financial problems which is depressing you? Be realistic to know what's bugging you instead of pushing it to the back of your mind. Once you identify what's bugging you, understand what brought it on, resolve it and don't blame anyone to recover faster.

    If all's well in your life and you don't recover after a couple of weeks, please speak to your parents and see the doctor for advice and treatment. Do keep busy and try not to think too much about your depression; avoid stimulating food eg caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol. If you're on long term medication for medical disorder, it may be the side effects of the drugs - raise that up with your doctor too.

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    That sounds like depression. I'm seventeen as well, and I've struggled with depression my whole life. I recommend seeing your doctor. See if he can prescribe an antidepressant for you or defer you to a psychiatrist. Try getting out and focusing on your friends more and try not to focus too much on these awful feelings. Distraction can be great, and active things like swimming can help a lot too. Make sure you're eating right and keep working on it. I hope you feel better soon, best of luck darling.

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    Get out of the abode. Get some area for extremely. Dorms must be in simple terms as undesirable. you are going to be able to hate the people there. Like in simple terms take a night out on the city or stay with a pal for a pair of days to flee.

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    yup. we've all been their. what made ME happy again was going to the YTT Tour (young talent time 2012) and i was happy for 2 whole days! (until school started then no one cared that i met them) but stuff them! go do something you love, see something you love, go out with friends! if you have problems that make you upset, i understand but write them down and check them off one by one, you will feel really happy. so my advise: GO DO/SEE/BE WITH/MAKE SOMETHING FUN!!

    it worked for me, hopes it works for you (-;

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    Im sorry:( ive had times like that too. Where it doesnt seem to end? Its never been that bad for me but youll be okay sweetie, im sure.

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