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What Are your thoughts on WWE Money In the Bank 2012?

I was Just wondering what your thoughts were on this event. What is your favorite Matches. How you liked the outcomes. Best and Worst Moment?


Look I like it so don't hate, and I think it was good, the Smackdown Money in the bank was unpredictable. The Sheamus match was not my favorite but good. Personally the CM Punk match was the best match that night, and The Raw money in the bank was also good.

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    a pretty good PPV.

    Pre Show - Was probably the best pre-show they every had!

    Rating B

    World Heavyweight Championship MITB - overall best match of the night! pretty predictable Ziggler would win though. overall it kept me on my seat the whole time.

    Rating A

    Worl Title Match - Very dissapointed and bored, O yippee another brogue kick, would've LOVED to see Ziggler be the champ right there!

    Rating C

    Primo and epico VS Primetime Players The only thing really good about this match was Kofi and Truth's commentary

    Rating C+

    WWE Title match - Loved it. not as good as the first ladder match but was still a very good match! might be better then there Over the limit match.

    Rating A

    Ryback VS Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks - Finally Ryback got some competition but still pretty predictable.

    Ratin B-

    Divas Match - Could care less

    Rating IDGAF

    WWE Title ladder MITB - very predictable an ok match, glad to see Miz back! would've been cooler if Randy orton wasn't suspended and Rey Mysterio came back as well though.

    Rating B

    Overall Rating


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    Well I didn't really like the whole Bryan and Punk match. I knew AJ would do something even if it was small like bring out a chair. But I don't like her anyway nor the whole thing between those three.

    I knew Cena would win. He probably will end up getting the championship after he uses the money in the bank on Punk.

    Ryback needs actual competition not these no name little boys.

    To me it sucked.

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    Pre-tutor: Kofi Kingston & R-reality vs. Hunico & Camacho - No fee because i did not see it. experience #a million: SmackDown money contained in the monetary employer Ladder experience: 9/10. SmackDown money contained in the monetary employer Ladder experience became awesome. fairly some staggering and surprising spots including Tensai's Powerbomb to Sin Cara on a Ladder and generic performances by each wrestler except Santino made this experience seem tremendous. experience #2: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio for the global Heavyweight Championship: 6/10. good experience. between the more advantageous Del Rio's matches in his WWE occupation and too undesirable that Ziggler did not take advantage of the right way. experience #3: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for WWE Championship: 10/10. surprising experience and that i have not something to assert. experience #4: Primo & Epico & The acceptable Time gamers: 7/10. very sturdy experience and it type of appears like that WWE is ultimately paying some interest to Tag crew branch. experience #5: Ryback vs. Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks: 3/10. a minimum of Ryback confronted a genuine wrestlers. experience #6: Layla, Tamina Snuka & Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve. 2/10. I watched this experience in common words because of Layla and Eve. experience #7: raw money contained in the monetary employer Ladder experience: 5/10. Veterans of this experience like Chris Jericho and Kane were overshadowed by John Cena and the tremendous tutor. The experience became predictable, and Cena's victory became botched. generic: 6/10

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    Overall a good ppv every match to me was either predictable or unpredictable at times alot of surprises and showed us that even pg ppvs can be good.

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    It was the best acting I've ever seen.

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    oh woopee im so freakin excited bout men in baby oil pretending to fight yay!

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