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What abec rating are hubba hummers equal to?

I know hubba hummers aren't abec rated but if they were what would they be.

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    NONE - They are not rated for a reason, they don't meet the standards. That is not bad.

    ABEC is meaningless for speed. It is an industrial spec for vibration in very high speed equipment. It would become important if you were going about 200 mph on a board or skates.

    Higher ABEC ratings can be slower because they require less space between the balls and races.

    None of that includes anything about the quality or durability since the ABEC standards do not have anything to do with quality or durability.

    ABEC became common because a lot of early boards and skates came with "precision" grade bearings which can be total garbage. There is a huge difference between precision and ABEC 1, much more than between ABEC 1 and ABEC 9. Once marketing people saw a number, they decided that higher numbers can be put on advertising, even though it is meaningless.

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