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First Energy/Illuminating company question. How can they charge a security deposit?

I have lived in my condo for over a year now. I moved from one county in Ohio to another one just over a year ago. I previously had Ohio Edison with absolutely zero problems with them. The current company is owned by First Energy but a separate division.

This company sucks! I pay my bill either early or about a week late. The company sends the bill out on the 25th of the month but for some reason we don't receive it until the 30th or even the first. Then the bill is due a week later. My rent is due on the fifth so I always pay it a few days late. Not more than 10 days ever. Sometimes I'll even get a disconnection notice for the late fees!

The company mailed a letter to me on Friday saying because of constantly paying a week late that they now want either a security deposit of 130% of my average bill or a guarantor! What the heck!

A security deposit for an existing customer?!

I tried talking to the PUCO (which First Energy has in their back pocket) and they said there was a new law passed in favor of First Energy, of course. They can charge a security deposit for people with unsatisfactory payment history!

This state is so anti-consumer that I wish I never had moved here. I'm originally from PA and this company would never have got away with stuff like this. I moved here to marry my husband. He was born in Ohio. I know that after he retires we're moving out of here and moving far away from this state.

Has anyone else had this problem with an electric company? Thanks.


I pay my rent on time but have to pay the electric bill later.

Update 2:

I have tried on several calls to explain to them that my landlord will charge a $50 late fee on the 8th then $25 late fee everyday afterwards. They actually said that my electric payment is more important then my rent! Housing more important! I even talked to the PUCO with no success. Most credit companies will give you at least a 5 to 10 day grace period including my credit cards, automobile loan payment, etc.

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    Face it, you have a history of late payments. The company is entitled to protect themselves from possible loss because of that. In order to indemnify themselves, they have required you to pay a security deposit to retain your account. Have you spoken with them to see if they will change your billing date?

  • gremer
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    4 years ago

    First Energy Pay My Bill

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