Traveling to Frankfurt.. What to wear in such weather?

My relative lives in Cologne, Germany. I will go and visit them, but we're meeting in Frankfurt. They have told me to get a sweater and a jacket, though I checked the weather forecast and it said "16 degrees, light rain". What should I pack? Summer/winter clothes? I am also taking a small luggage.

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  • jonal
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    8 years ago
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    Frankfurt airport is like an entertainment complex with an airport in it and it's warm. There's a 24 hour supermarket, a casino, gardens, lunchtime concerts and plenty of eating places.

    It's right beside the autobahn so traveling from there is easy.

    It's a nice run to Cologne about 2 hours drive going north west straight up the autobahn through quite pleasant countryside and whether by car or train or bus you'll be warm traveling too.

    Take summer clothes with an showerproof shell jacket and a light sweater.

    Enjoy Cologne. It's a lovely city to walk around and see the sights and from over the river you get good view of the twin spires.

    Close to the cathedral it's a bit cramped for space for photos so you need a very wide angle lens on the camera to get much in.

    have a great time. Viel Spass!!

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