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For the femminist out there, male and female.?

Feminist ask men, to step outside themselves and try to view the many disadvantages of women in society. They point to areas of male privilege both real and imaginary and ask men to understand the multitude of ways in which men benefit from society.

Do feminist also belive that they should step outside themselves and attempt to understand female privilige and understand the areas where males face disproportionate expectations?

Note : A common argument for the near non existance of female privilege is that many areas considered female privilege are actually examples of female exclusion. This is sometimes true but there are genuine areas where women have a full out advantage now, it has not always been. As for the imagined privileges, the same can be said of male privilege Hence my comment on *imaginary* privilege.

An egalitarian view of Female privilege, insofar as it does not bash feminism:

it adresses male privelege to a lesser extent, written by an ex feminist who used to host seminars.



To Sophie, I can only say that feminist have the same tendancy to bash men. any man who suggest that men feminism is imperfect is sexist, I was strait out told that not supporting feminism makes me sexest and that feminism only means that you support equality. Feminism has a goal of equality but it does not always achieve that goal and it does do a lot of damage, in my opinion.

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    More men than women supported the feminist movement. More than likely because they realized that they would be relieved of their responsibilities, particularly within the family. Most men only want women to be equal so that they don't have to do all the work supporting their families and fighting the wars. The feminist movement allowed them to push these burdens equally onto women.

    Feminists call it the "women's" movement, to give it more appeal, even though the majority of women were against it. Feminism piggybacked onto the black civil rights movement so the words "racist" and "sexist" are now used interchangeably as if there is no difference.

    Feminism has claimed credit for the things that were already granted as rights to women (such as birth control, equal pay, the right to own property and even the right to vote!) before the heat of the women's lib in the 1970s. Since the Equal Rights Amendment failed, feminists/liberals turned to the 14th amendment to say that women should be equally responsible for traditional male burdens such as the draft and paying alimony and all family law should be gender neutral with women forced to bear the burdens of men. With no fault divorces and abolition of the Tender Years doctrine many women are now forced to bear the burdens of men and men have a powerful weapon to use against our daughters.

    The law should respect differences between the sexes, particularly within the family. Phyllis Schlafly has a book called "feminist fantasies" that recounts the battle she fought against radical equality. Among other things, she writes: "In Illinois, as a result of agitation by "equal rights" fanatics, the real estate dower laws were repealed as of January 1, 1972. This means that in Illinois a husband can now sell the family home, spend the money on his girlfriend or gamble it away, and his faithful wife of thirty years cannot stop him. "Equal rights" fanatics have also deprived women in Illinois an in some other states of most of their basic common-law rights to recover damages for breach of promise to marry, seduction, criminal conversation, and alienation of affections."

    "Ginsburg was vehement in her desire to abolish any legal preference or protection that women might have"

    "Before the feminist movement burst on the scene in the 1970s, there were literally hundreds of laws that gave advantages or protections to women based on society's commonsense recognition of the facts of life and human nature. These included the prohibition against statutory rape, the Mann act, the obligation of the husband to support his wife and provide her with a home, special protections for widows...and laws that made it a misdemeanor to use obscene or profane language in the presence of a woman"

    "The feminist quest for female fungibility with males has led the women's movement to support the invalidation of laws benefitting and protecting women. This was the thrust, for example, of litigation directed by Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she was director of the Women's Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union and , often using male plaintiffs, secured invalidation of laws that favored women. The theory was that obliteration of all legal sex distinctions would ultimately be in the best interests of working women; those women, including homemakers, who wished to retain the benefits of protective legislation were never the women with whose rights the Project was concerned. In the area of divorce reform, one of the benefits women have lost is the maternal preference which favored awarding custody to the mother. Almost all states now grant men and women a statutory equal right in custody. While mothers still gain custody in the vast majority of cases, loss of the maternal preference has seriously affected the bargaining process. "

    "No longer concentrating on the oppressiveness of home and family for women, feminist argue instead that, unfortunately, married mothers must remain in the work force to protect themselves from the very likely possibility of becoming single-parents impoverished by divorce. This is a likelihood, they choose not to remember, their movement was highly instrumental in creating."

    "Enactment of no-fault divorce laws unambiguously warned women to adopt the feminist perspective and replace homemaking with full-time career. The 'present legal system,' concluded Lenore Weitzman, "makes it clear that instead of expecting to be supported, a woman is now expected to become self-sufficient.'"

    "Thus, as always, feminist ideology converged with the interests of men who would avoid the responsibility for women that traditional marriage entails."

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    I'm still struggling to see what my "male privilege" is.

    Because I'm male I have to pay extra for car insurance (despite the fact I've never had a single insurance claim or penalty point or speeding ticket). I've also been assaulted a few times and challenged to a few fights and had to put up with a lot of verbal abuse. The male privilege is great isn't it?

    I've never been in trouble with the police, but it's good to know if I did commit a crime I would be far more likley to be sent to prison than a female. And feminists are even campaigning to close women's prisons (see link).

    Feminism is no longer about equality and it does not benefit men or society in general.

    @sophie why don't you get your facts right before you throw accusations around? There is currently a petition about circumcision(genital mutilation) on baby boys in the UK (2nd link) why don't you have a read at it? I don't see anyone saying "it's because feminists are evil and ugly".

    edit @sophie: That's rich coming from a feminist- feminists are the masters of shaming tactics. How many times have you heard a man being accused of being a pig, being "misogynist", having a small penis, unable to get any or being "afraid of a strong women" etc? Feminist lower themselves to shaming tactics all the time. Here's a tip it's not going to win your feminist movement much (if any) male support.

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    I think most feminists are concerned about the way that gender roles in our society do hurt men. You often hear feminists say "Patriarchy hurts men, too." What we're talking about here is a lot of the same stuff that MRAs seem upset about: men being treated more harshly in courts, men not being allowed to express emotion, men being subject to the draft, etc. I think the problem is that when they raise these issues they frame them in such an antagonistic, anti-feminist and sometimes just plain misogynistic ways that it basically makes it impossible for feminists to engage with them in a positive manner. Instead of just saying "Hey, male circumcision is bad why don't we all do something about this" which most of us could probably get behind, they say "Male circumcision is bad and it's because feminists are evil and ugly!" How are we supposed to move forward from that starting point?

    EDIT: X, almost every time MRAs bring up a men's rights issue they also insult feminists and/or women as part of the question.

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