I got robbed because...?

I spent fifty dollars on FORTY disks and only two were usable on my new DVD recorder. What is the best disk to buy that insures at least ninety percent of the disks I buy are reliable? I would be willing to pay a dollar a disk If it was guaranteed to function. I just need good information. I can't understand how our government allows us to be ripped off by pirate companies over seas.Thank you all ......

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    Be careful..

    Similar things happening with some home shoppings. It is so strange purchasing stuffs machine/ or electrical related. That defects can be found until it can not be really beneficially useful anymore. There could be lots of talks needed with some paper work to write about the disfunctioning product, that should be returned in time. It can easily wear off that way too..Lots of blah and lahh (complain). I could lose my patience too. So I end up just putting it into the trash..Then will try to be careful next time..

    I hope You can recover yours somehow..: )

    Be well..!

  • 8 years ago

    What sort of disks did you buy? The brand and type.

    You can get good brand name (Memorex, Verbatim etc.) blank DVDs for 20c each. You can get much cheaper deals in a store than over a dollar a disk. A failure rate of 38 disks out of several hundred is very high, let alone out of 40.

    Did you try any of these disks in another computer? With a failure rate that high it could be your DVD recorder that's at fault.

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