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    What are liars fed on?


    What are swindlers fed on?


    Most swindlers are fed on rice as well.



    Most humbugs are fed on burgers.

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    您是說swindler = 呆子 (=melon),而humbug = 貪子嗎?還是vice versa?

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    茲將What are liars fed on? 改成:

    What do liars feed on?

    將What are swindlers fed on? 改成:

    What do swindlers feed on?

    將Most swindlers are fed on rice as well. 改成:

    Most swindlers feed on rice as well.

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    並將Most humbugs are fed on burgers. 改成:

    Most humbugs feed on burgers.

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    英文:Prisoners feed on big melons.



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    Cheat eat what grows up

  • 阿霹
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    8 years ago

    How does a man grow up to be a liar?

  • 8 years ago

    prisoner 是吃什麼入監獄的?

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    Easy!我有兩個cousins都愛騙人也愛吃Burger King.

    So, the answer must be "Burger Kings".

    2012-07-16 02:28:27 補充:

    I indeed had a few burgers by BK but that does make me a liar, at least, not all the time. I got into prison by not eating green beans - they look so yucky. Eating does not get me into jail; it only gets me fat.

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    According to Rubecca, 騙子是吃呆子(is it melon?) 與貪子長大的.


    Rubecca is very smart indeed.

    2012-07-16 12:03:29 補充:

    But, it is almost useless for girls to be smart, being beautiful could be more important.

    It would be perfectly beautiful, if Rubecca can change the passive tense.

    Swindlers feed on greeds and stupidity.

    Then, you can call her beautiful.

    2012-07-16 12:12:20 補充:

    Ohoh, Master DSG might be angry now. He is no swindler, I think?

    Nope, I said

    騙子是吃呆子(大傻瓜=melon) 與貪子(greedy persons) 長大的.

    2012-07-16 12:55:43 補充:

    Rubecca must be a resident evil in my prison - otherwise, how does she know that we have melon soup for lunch everyday.

    Man, it is yucky after 2 weeks.

    2012-07-16 20:16:48 補充:

    Rubecca is not only beautiful but also funny. Can I marry you?

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    Sagittarius! Good question!

    2012-07-16 01:25:17 補充:

    I wonder how many Hamburgers Burger Kings have sold so far ? :-) ..

    2012-07-16 13:55:16 補充:

    Thank a lot! you ladies have fun at my expense !!!

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