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How to develop strains of plants?

In the movie Savages, a guy with a double major in Business and Botany takes marijuana seeds from the Hindu Kush and starts a farm. He then is seen doing things with what may be test tubes, computers, chemicals, etc and he creates a strain with a very high thc content.

How do people create new strains of plants? Doesn't have to be marijuana I'm just curious in general?

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    In real life that level of genetic engineering would require hundreds of thousands of dollars. And honestly it would be a waste of time, most people who want higher THC amounts smoke hash which can be up to 90% THC. The best quality cannabis in real life has gotten up to around 25% THC, and any more than that is actually a negative because the bud is too wet with THC to smoke joints or blunts, and breaking it apart is tough even with a grinder.

    But to get back to your question: there are currently tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of different strains of cannabis. To understand how a strain is made you need a bit of some background on cannabis; there are two plants that produce marijuana, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Indicas originally grew in the Middle East and Africa, and hashish use in these regions goes nabackver 5000 years. Cannabis sativa is native to south-east Asia and South America.

    Technically every seed a single plant produces is a different phenotype of the strain the plant is. Just like no two sisters are the same, no two seeds are the same. Creating strains is done by breeding different phenotypes of cannabis sativa and indica into what people call hybrids. Although not all strains have to be indica crossed with a sativa. You can have sativa x sativa, indica x indica, sativa x indica x sativa, the list goes on. And over time this selective breeding has created very noticeably different strains of marijuana.

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