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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 8 years ago

Need some names for my characters?

'm writing a story about a rouge assassin. Here's the story plot and character descriptions:

The setting is in Las Vegas, and a rouge assassin by the codename Death Stalker roams the city at night, hunting down her targets. She is employed by a powerful mobster and she is his right hand killer. So one day she is called to his "house", she finds her boss and an unlikely employer, an ex-lover/ assassin, but she doesn't recognize him. The mystery man hires her to kill an infamous FBI agent who is high on his trail to exploit him attempting to kill the president and the assassinations of other politically involved people. She accepts the job, not knowing that the target is her long lost lover. As she attempts to kill him, his training kicks in and they eventually fight each other, and they come face to face remembering each other. She has second thoughts about killing him, so she doesn't kill him, and leaves him. When she reports back to her boss, everything is wrong. All of her boss' guards are dead but the mystery man is alive. He takes her hostage and tells her who he really is. They put her in a room where she find her boss, barely alive. She escapes after some amount of torture. One problem. The man has her son. She then has no choice but to seek help from her the FBI to find the man and get back her son.



Hair: Black

Eye: Blue-grey

Description: She is a rouge assassin working for a powerful mobster. She has a five year old son from her last lover in which she meet at her old agency. The reason she left the agency is the leader of the agency had ordered the assassination of her parents without any reason. So she killed her leader and left the assassin agency. After she left, she went dark, also known as off the grid. She is very protective over her son, and loves messing with the security guards that fear her when she is at her boss' house. Will defend her boss and his family and her son at all costs. Very hostile toward her lover's partner but will later save her. Goes by: Death Stalker, Death's Dealer,



Hair: Brown

Eye color: True blue

Description: He is the son of the main character. He is shy at first and it takes him time to open up to people. Doesn't like to leave his mom's side. Really sweet and adventurous. He resembles his biological father very much. His mom is very protective of him yet she takes him to her boss' house sometimes when business deals are going down. He rarely talks to people but will talk to people his mom talks to . He thinks his mom is a maid.



Hair: black on top, grey on the sides

Eye color: green

Description: He is the main character's boss. Very humble and caring toward her. He thinks of her as a daughter. Loves the company of her son. Very nice to her and very concerned for her and her son. He is a powerful mobster who rules over most of the Vegas Strip. Loves the fact that other mobster fear the main character for her skills.


Age: 27

Hair: Brown

Eye: True blue

Description: He is the ex-assassin that the main character was romantically involved with. He doesn't now know about his son. Still loves the main character and has been searching for her ever since she had left the agency. He is now a FBI agent on the hunt for the assassin that has been killing politically involved people.


Age: 28

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eye: Hazel

Description: He is the mystery man that hired the main character. He is one of her ex-lovers. He is seeking revenge since the main character left him for the other lover. He wants her back and is willing to kill her son to get her attention.


Age: 27

Hair: Blonde

Eye: turquoise

Description: She is the partner for the main character's lover. She likes him but she can't seem to get his attention. She doesn't know about his pass until the main character shows up. She becomes jealous but later realizes that he belong with his family. Doesn't like working with the main character at first but eventually the main character will risk her life to save her.


Looking for First, middle and last names for each character, but for the main character's ex lover and the mystery man, I'm gonna need two sets of names..

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  • Amy
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    8 years ago
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    MC: Roxanne Lee Donati

    Son: Max Kenneth Donati

    MC's boss: Brock Samuel Krios (pronounced Cree-ohs)

    MC's son's father: Nolan John Neroni (Other name: William Arthur Fennell)

    Mystery man: Easton James Rocco (Other name: Mathew Gregory Rivers)

    MC's lover's partner: Sienna Lynn Berwick


    Hope you like at least one of these name combos! I personally like them all, but I understand if it's totally not what you're going for, hahah. Good luck with your story! :)

    Source(s): ~Amy.
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  • 8 years ago

    I think the word you're looking for is rogue not rouge. Rouge is what blush used to be called. Rogues are bandits. You'll need to have good spelling if you want your work to be published.

    MC: Vivienne Russell

    MC's son: Alexander "Alex" Levine

    MC's boss: O'Grady being a surname giving him an air of mystery

    MC's ex-lover: Christian Levine or Vincent Doherty

    Mystery Man: Victor Coventry

    Partner of MC's lover: Shannon Carter

    Source(s): Experience
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    MC: Fiona, Cassandra , Jasmine, Hazel, Hex, Naomi, Hayden, Devlin, Arabelle, Lynx, jade, Xenia

    Son: griffin, rory, gatsby, Landry, monroe, Colin, Riley, Rico, Bryce, Demetrius, Hunter Trevor

    Boss: Nikolaus, Ralph, Raul, Pierson, Jefferson, Klaus, buddy, Mercello, frank

    Lover: Kyle, Channing, Hastings, myers, cole, Michael, Will, Harrison, Greg, John, Nathan, nethaniel, Daniel

    Mystery dude: hawk, klause, hectar, hex, Zane, Martin, Ocelot, Kramer

    Assistant: Vandetta, Kristine, Elaine, Evelyn, Mercy, bri, heather

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  • 4 years ago

    Finn Sage Alarna Aluna action picture star Wren Willow Rain/Rayne Isla Saffron/Saffy India/Indy Indigo Thea Asha Esther Asia Aisha Macie Natalia Stella Callia Cara/Kara Aria Clara Lara Kitty might want to/Mai Penny Iris Ivy Acacia Zara sturdy luck including your e book :)

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  • 8 years ago

    im just throwing out some name combos that come to mind so u may have to come up with some others--

    alexander james

    oliver henry

    terri marie

    benjamin jackson

    evan joseph

    nicholas ryan

    abigail crystal

    blake charles

    alice hailey

    give some of these a try but remember they r just brain stormed names. you can google stealthy name combos if u want

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