HELP! Thinking of Moving to TN, Need Suggestions.?

My husband and I currently live in the Toledo, Ohio area and we HATE it. Reasons we hate it: economy sucks, high crime, no jobs, high cost of living, lack of hospitality, weather, road contruction, and it's UGLY. An example of cost of living, we currently pay almost $1200 a month in rent. We looked for months for a cheaper place. Only way to get a cheaper place is to move into a very unsafe neighborhood, and prices are still around $900-$1000 a month. A home outside of town with a yard start well over $1400 a month, and then you might get an old crappy farm house over looking corn fields. We pay well over $300 a month just for gas and electric too. So we've beem tossing around the idea of moving to TN. My husbands company has locations in the following areas; Danbridge, Baxter, Nashville, Christiana, Columbia, Dickson, and Jackson. Can anyone give me any information on any of these areas. Looking for an areas with good schools, low crime rate, descent cost of living, nice people, just an all around good place to raise a family. Any information and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    You are quite lucky that your husband's company has such a variety of locations! You've got a big city (Nashville), a not so big city (Jackson), some small cities, and what we call a "wide spot in the road" (Christiana). But even the small cities and wide spot are close to bigger cities so you have the option of living in the city or in the country.

    Dandridge (with a d in the middle, not a b) is in East TN, east of Knoxville. On a huge lake, near the mountains. I've not been there, but I hear it is beautiful.

    Jackson is in West TN and is a college town. I've not been there, so I can't offer too much help.

    All of the others are in Middle TN.

    Baxter is west of Cookeville. Cookeville is a nice-sized city and a university town.

    Dickson is west of Nashville.

    Columbia is between Nashville and the Alabama line. It is a nice city with a really cute town square.

    Christiana is near me. It is between Murfreesboro and Shelbyville. It is a general store/cafe and a few houses and lots of lovely countryside. In the spring, just about every inch of the area is lined in buttercups. You would have to go to one of the bigger cities for groceries. However, you might want to live in Murfreesboro and your husband commute a few miles to work. It is an easy drive if you live in the newer section of The Boro on the SW side.

    I would suggest you do two things. First, look at the stats on each place at and compare things like crime rates, population, etc. Also look at schools at Remember that you can easily live in the larger cities and your husband commute to the small towns for work. They are very close. Check the websites for Franklin (just south of Nashville and an excellent school system), Murfreesboro, Nashville, Cookeville, Jackson, and Knoxville. Also go to and look at the area of each of your husband's options.

    The second suggestion is to plan a long weekend trip to visit. Spend it driving to each of these locations and looking around for yourself. I think you will be able to decide on which is right for you very quickly. Stay in Nashville near the airport. One day make a loop to Dickson, Columbia, Jackson, and Christiana. The second day go to Baxter, then Dandridge, then back to Nashville.

    Hope this helps. It is a big decision, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

    Also look at for more information on all the cities and towns in the state.

    Source(s): Middle TN resident
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