Ohio teen mace age requirement?

Im 14 and a girl:)

Well I'm a little person and so a month ago this guy came up to me an really scared me. So me and my mom were talking and we want to know if I could have mace!(pepper spray) but I know she will need to buy it for me and I know it is legal in Ohio but we just don't wanna have me use it(in any instant of bad situations) and get sued for using it underaged but still using it as self defense..

So my question is can I have mace at age 14 in Ohio?

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    8 years ago
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    Ohio Pepper Spray Law

    Increasing crime rates have caused concern for people who previously would never have considered carrying a weapon of any kind. In order to protect themselves, many choose to carry non-lethal weapons, such as defensive sprays. There are three different types of defensive sprays, each with its own chemical makeup. All three defensive sprays are legal in all U.S. 50 states; however, certain states may have restrictions regarding usage, possession and sale. The state of Ohio is one of several states that do not have any restrictions for usage, purchasing, sales or possession.

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