Does the University of Michigan have athletic dorms?

Does the University of Michigan have athletic dorms?

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    It was mentioned that West Quad & Cambridge House is the dormitory where most athletes stay. Here is the web page describing it.

    West Quad & Cambridge House

    West Quadrangle Communications Normal

    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1360

    T: 734.764.0185

    F: 734.936.3153

    West Quadrangle is a co-ed residence hall located on Central Campus. It is connected to the Michigan Union; Residents can access restaurants, game rooms and shops without going outside.

    West Quad recently received upgraded fire detection/alarm systems and a fire suppression system. Other upgrades included new Ethernet wiring and high-speed network equipment. Many of the University's athletes call West Quad "home."

    For 2012-2013, West Quad is the temporary home of the Residential College and the Michigan Community Scholars Program while East Quad is closed for renovations.

    Future residents: check out the West Quad community.

    Quick Facts

    •Houses approximately 980 residents in single, double, and triple rooms

    •Lunch and dinner served onsite Monday through Friday

    •Community Learning Center

    •Lounges, study areas, and public-use rooms

    •Dark room and a sound-proof music practice room

    •Laundry facilities and a pinball area

    •Wireless access in common areas


    Built in 1939, West Quad was the University’s second all-male residence; it became a co-ed residence in 1969. It was designed to serve as an environment for personal, social and academic growth. In fact, Michigan's first living/learning program began in West Quad as part of an educational treatise entitled "The Michigan House Plan."

    Cambridge House

    541 Thompson Street

    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1360

    T: 734.764.0185

    F: 734.936.3153

    Cambridge House is part of a large complex on the Central Campus that includes the West Quad Residence Hall and the Michigan Union. This distinctive residence hall offers rooms with private baths to upperlevel undergraduates. The large number of private rooms combined with the more mature outlook of its residents creates a quiet atmosphere that promotes both social interaction and serious study. Residents make use of the West Quad facilities and are part of the West Quad community.

    Quick Facts

    •Houses 115 residents in singles, doubles and suites

    •Private baths


    •Onsite dining, Community Learning Center and ResComp computing site in West Quad

    •Access to the Michigan Union (banking, supplies, cafés and fast food, game rooms, travel and computer services) without going outside


    Cambridge House was built in 1920 and was formerly the Michigan Union Hotel.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): UM, University of Michican, West Quad & Cambridge House,at: I was a college professor of education at four universities. I advised students on their personal and professional lives.
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    West Quad Umich

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