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Going to get skyrim on pc and download mods, tips?

So I am doing the free download torrent strategy that i saw on youtube to get Skyrim and I really wanna try out all these different mods and what not. But I don't know anything about modding or console commands, can anyone give me a general sum up of how mods are downloaded and added to the game and how they essentially work?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Basically,the purpose of adding mods into Skyrim(and other games)are to increase variety of the game,new quests,more enemies,more spaces,more effects and other features.In other words,they are made to increase the fun value of the game and sometimes can prolong hours of gameplay up to 200++ hours.Most Skyrim players use mods and seems to be addicted to them.take Phenderix Magic Evolved mod for example,which add more than 200 new spells into the game.

    First you download the mods from the internet.Skyrim nexus is a trustworthy sites to download some.

    after you download the mod,it will come as ZIP or RAR need to extract the files into a temporary folder or directly into your Skyrim data folder.

    the location is C/Program Files(x86)/Bethesda Softworks/Skyrim

    [the location might be different depends on where you install Skyrim]

    then,the mod is considered as"installed"

    open Skyrim Launcher and go to"Data Files"

    If your"Data Files"in Skyrim launcher is greyed or unclickable,this might solve the case:

    You need to add that line in SkyrimPrefs.ini located in Computer/Documents/My Games/Skyrim

    Look for the line:




    And add it like this:





    Sorry for the long answer.I hope it helps.good day to you.

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