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My flight leaves at 4:45 pm, what time should i be at the airport?

Miami International Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport

I leave tomorrow.

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    You should be there if the flight is international then 3 hours before departure time and 1.30 hours before for domestic flights. There are many of the things like you have to go for boarding pass then you will go through some other security check then you will be asked to board in the bus and then finally you will board the flight so they close flight doors 30 mins before departure time and if you delay then the airlines is not responsible so always try to be there sometime before sothat you can enjoy your travel.

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    I live in Miami Florida and constantly go to New York but through Ft. Lauderdale airport. It depends what company you are flying by. For some companies you can do check in at home online so you don't have to wait through those long tiring lines and possibly be late. Miami International is bigger being that its international so there might be some long lines, so to be completely safe and sure of not being late you should be there at around 2:00 p.m. Before you leave your home make sure to check online if the flight is on time. I had some situations where they necessarily changed the flight on a earlier time. Good Luck on your flight.

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    Think of it this way. You can never be to early. But you can be too late. My strategy is at the latest get there at 2:45 , two hours before your flight. Even earlier might be better. Depending if you plan on eating, if you've bought your tickets, etc. have a nice flight!

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    They recommend you arrive 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. However, depending on traffic, you should adjust to that. If there's more traffic than usual, leave earlier. Check security wait times too.

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    personally i like to get to the airport 1hr45mins prior to my flight's departure time.

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    2 hours at least

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    plan get there by 2:30pm at the latest. (Miami traffic can be unpredictable)

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