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Why do Americans think American Football is Better than Football (Soccer)?

For you Americans, Football means soccer.

Handegg means American Football

Now before I get any sort of heat let me make this clear: I've literally played Football (Soccer) almost my entire life and still have a lot of skills to develop and improve on, however when I played Handegg (American Football) I literally learned it in one quater, and became good at it.

Now let me make some details about the sports clear:

Skill: Football requires a LOT of skill, I've been playing almost my whole life and still have a lot to learn. Football requires Speed, concentration, a lot of intelligence, teamwork, communication, athletic ability, control, passion, the list goes on.

Handegg on the other hand, only requires one skill per position Defense = block, Receivers = run, QB = throw, punters = self explanatory.

Arguments: Some have argued that Handegg is a tougher sport, well personally I think that is a lie, in handegg you have to wear 500lbs of protection, while in football you only wear shinguards.

Plus on a personal note, I've experienced more pain getting tackled by a defender (concussion) than by a handegg player even though he was bigger than the Football defender.

I've been told that throwing is harder than kicking, well, that is a lie.

By nature we use our hands more often to control things that are required in everyday life, I find it way easier to curve a ball with my hand than feet. Don't believe me? Watch Roberto Carlos' impossible kick and try to do it yourself.

Watching the game: The only complain I ALWAYS hear is: "they just run for hours and don't's boring" Yes that might be the case, but in handegg players score every 10 seconds and that takes away the passion from the game, you know there will be points no matter what. In Football scoring one goal after 90+ minutes of hard work feels amazing! Even more when the goal decides the Cup winner or who takes a title home.

Now, when I watched handegg, the players were being treated like little kids, they were told what to do every 5 seconds and that made me lose interest in the game itself (I give sports a try before judging).

The handegg crowd was dead and I didn't feel any passion or at least excitement from the fans.

I was forced to change the channel due to the lack of excitement and I just found it a bit disturbing seeing a bunch of robust brutes tackling each other.

I gave handegg a chance, but I was annoyed by it very quickly and the most interesting part was a fat American guy eating a hot dog... I'm being was amusing and funny.

In addition, why do Americans call Handegg Football, I mean the players use their hands 96% of the time. And I know that the word soccer was invented by English men, but no one calls it that, except Americans...

Plus, Football is the most popular sport in the world, so that should make any argument invalid.

World Cup ladies and gentlemen, World Cup.

This isn't meant to offend anyone, there are people who are passionate for different sports, and I understand that. But when I have to get into an argument with an American fan about sports they don't prove valid points! They just complain about how "boring" it is and get pissed off at the truth.

Just so you guys know, I've never met a Football FAN who isn't EXTREMELY passionate about the sport.


I'm sorry if I got way off topic.

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  • 8 years ago
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    why do Americans think football is better than soccer....EASY...IT'S THEIR OPINION.

    You made valid arguments about the NAMING of the sport but THE NAME IS IRRELEVANT to your question.

    I have played soccer and I agree with you, the naming does not make sense because in soccer you are literally using your foot to move the ball so there you got me. People make up words all the time and things translate differently through different languages but you can take that up with whoever decided to name the sports not all American's who happen to like it.

    I also agree It is more rewarding when you are PLAYING soccer after running for 90+ minutes and finally scoring but to the majority of people that think soccer is boring...they are bored at the fact you are WATCHING a ball basically not going anywhere if the teams are well matched. You watch that entire time waiting for someone to make a goal and they only do maybe once or twice PER GAME. To some that is exciting, to others *myself included* that is SOOO BORING but it is OUR OPINION and we shouldn't be upset about it.

    I LOVE watching Football because it is a little more fast paced but when teams are well matched *just as in soccer* it can be VERY BORING as well if no one is scoring and it's just back and forth. To be a true soccer fan YOU HAVE TO BE PASSIONATE and the same is true for FOOTBALL fans.

    Just because soccer might be the most popular sport in the world DOES NOT MEAN EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD BE FANS.

    Let our differences be welcomed don't bash it because you don't understand or agree with it. Good luck and hope this helps but I am sure you will pick a best answer that is bashing too if you are clouded by your own biased.

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  • Margie
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I'm from Mexico and in here people is 95% fan of soccer, but i'm with the other 5% that likes sports that require both phisical and mental skills, say american football or baseball, it's just plain more fun to watch and play, requires more discipline and a better sportsmanship than soccer. I 'm 25 years old and i've never liked soccer, only when is in the street or some field with my friends is ok, but watching soccer here is just awful if you want to watch better soccer watch UEFA Champions League, is the only soccer i can watch. But hey soccer is all year all the time, the very good american football is just for 5 months, so enjoy it while you can!! Colts 4 Championship!!!

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  • 8 years ago


    Because it is the sport that most americans are familiar with. Because the sport is so new to the USA it is rare that you will even find and adult over 35 that has ever even played soccer. Not to worry, the dynamics are changing fast now. In the next decade the percentage of this familiar with the game, and their financial support, will change rather quickly. You can expect soccer to become the USA's 2nd most popular sport in the next 10 to 20 years.


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  • 8 years ago

    I'm american and i like them both the same. We all grow up watching american football so it becomes a passion of ours just like basketball, baseball, etc. but it really depends who you ask because many people like football more than american football in america. People have the right to like any sport they want and i dont understand why people get mad at americans for calling it soccer and calling it a field instead of pitch. Stop worrying about what americans like

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I actually don't know but I love watching both sports you are trying to mention and explain. But I agree let us welcome each others differences. Life is short to dwell on negativity. Let's us enjoy watching our favorite team and continue playing those sports.

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