I'm in love with a brony?

I found out that my friend at work who I aHm madly in love with (he knows I like him, because I told him but has not said he likes me back though he sits super close to me alot, holds my hand A LOT, plays with my hair, and told me he had a dream about me where we were just walking and it was the happiest he ever felt, so I'm confused whether he does and just isn't saying it ir not)I just found out he is a brony. A brony is an otherwise normal teenage guy who loves, not likes, loves the show 'my little pony' :) He even collected all of the ponies from the happy meal collection and keeps hair ties in their tails so it's not as hard to brush them out. His favorite one is applejack. Is it weird I actually think it's kinda cute and like him even more now than I did before? :)

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    All I am going to say about this subject is.... Be Careful.

    It doesn't bother me at all that he likes my little ponies. Believe it or not there are a million women out there who like to find out that a man can be a man and still have a sensitive nurturing side. :)

    The part that worries me is Obsession.

    Obsession is a WHOLE nother ball park!

    It is o.k. to have a relationship with someone who is obsessive BUT, and you ALWAYS have to say but! You have to be careful that the relationship NEVER sours. If just IF anything ever happens and the relationship starts to go south you MAY expierience ALOT of grief and sometimes enough to scare you!.

    I am not saying that you can't have a wonderful fulfilling relationship with someone kind, sweet and well... everything a woman always dreams a man will be on the inside. :)

    But, a hobby is a hobby. Point blank. A good looking man with a sensitive compassionate side is what turns him into sexy. And sometimes irresistable. :)

    But obsession IS obsession with ANYTHING. Just be wary and remember to keep it in mind if anything ever goes wrong. Understand the boundaries that can make or break a relationship when dealing with obsessive people.

    I think it's very cute how the two of you are. But, is he obsessive because he is affraid of commitment? Or because he has always been too affraid of being confident and facing girls, asking in person face to face? Has he always had a hard time talking to girls or even other people sometimes? OR is it because he is simply ONLY affraid of what girls will think of him if they find out he likes my little pony? lol . and HONESTLY the reason behind obsession DOES matter a GREAT deal.

    You just never know the reason why people become obsessive over something. You just need to make sure you can deal with it looong term and that YOU never become the " OBJECT of OBSESSION "

    You CAN make it work! :) YOU will just have to be strong enough to accept that side and willing to deal with not always being the object of his affection all the time. :) I mean that with good intentions to protect your self.

    and TRUST me on this one.

    As much as we girls LOVE attention and affection we DO NOT REALLY want to be obsessed over! It takes on a WHOLE NEW LIGHT when that happens. :)

    He sounds very cute just because of how sweet he is to you. Just learn a little bit about obsessive habbits in people and YOU may be able to work with it in your relationship and make it work!..:)

    Good luck honey and I hope ALL works out for you and your new sweetheart. :)

    ask your self a few questions though.

    I would be concerned about his limits of level of maturity.? NOT BECAUSE OF PONNIES. but because he sounds like a little kid when you say he holds your hand and plays with your hair? He tells you he has a dream that makes him feel good? That sounds like day dreaming?

    Can he talk to you with confidence and tell you he has feeling for you in a mature manner? Is he living in a fantasy world or reality with you? It's just something to think about. You would think he could say it?

    And if YOU make all the first moves you DO need to understand your ENTIRE relationship will ALWAYS be that way. You have to be comfortable with being the one who ALWAYS calls the shots, comes up with the ideas and so on.... Just make sure he can make decisions on his own when asked without it taking a great deal of work or him turning it round on YOU to always make the final decision. Weather it is fear or frustration just keep your eyes open as well as your heart.

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    I just started dating a brony guy. And he's pretty up there in obsession level--he just spend a few hundred dollars at Bronycon.

    You're not alone in this, and it's not weird at all. A lot of guys are bronies now, and the brony guys I know tend to be sweeter and kinder than non bronies. They're willing to give watching a little girls' show a chance--don't you want an open-minded guy like that?

    Try watching the show with him. Not only will you probably enjoy it, but showing some interest in something he may be a little embarrassed about will make him like you even more.

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    No it's not weird at all. Bronies are awesome!

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