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Soviet government in 1934, should they use collectivization or the NEP?

Hi :) I need help with an assignement here's a copy of what i have to do. No rude comments please I just need help, I'm having a difficult time getting a start on it. Here's the assignement

Imagine that you are a planner working for the Soviet government in 1934. You have been asked to evaluate two potential programs for the Soviet economy for the next five years. Both programs are attempting to provide food for factory workers during the current Five-Year Plan.

The first program would return to Lenin's New Economic Policy. The second program would continue Stalin's policy of collectivized agriculture and the taking of land from farmers.

1. Use this graphic organizer to evaluate both proposals, and then write a three-paragraph essay explaining what you will recommend. Give evidence supporting your position.

NEP Collectivization

Agricultural productivity

Who owns farmland

How much food is available for farmers

How much food is available for factory workers

How is food allocated

Does this increase or decrease the prestige of the party?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Stalin said:

    "We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or they will crush us."

    The Five Year Plans were certainly not the most humane method to industrialise the country, but Stalin - and most other members of the Politburo - believed that the whole revolution was at risk from invasion. You have to remember that the allies had occupied most Russian ports during the civil war and there was a real fear of them doing so again. Their fears were borne out when Hitler came to power, espousing extreme hatred of the Bolsheviks, and a desire to expand into the Soviet Union.

    The New Economic Policy, although it was more humane and less of a terrible burden on the Soviet people, was a slow, gradualist approach to modernisation - it would not have built the armament factories or so militarised the population that they would accept the privations of war.

    So, in the knowledge that the country would be invaded less than 15 years after the start of the first Five Year Plan, they were the best way to build the country's infrastructure.

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