DC Universe Online: Heroes Became stronger?

I took a 5 month break from DCUO, and i came back yesterday to find out that heroes are basically everywhere in the PVP world. Not only that, but i played 2 pvp arena matches, and we (villains) Got DOMINATED by the heroes. IDK, maybe i was just in bad ques,

but the real question is:

Who is dominating in DCUO PVP world now a days?

Is it just me?


I have went 1-30 easily solo....

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  • 8 years ago
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    it's not just you. :)

    heroes in general outnumber villains. it used to be that a greater percentage of villains played on PvP, making the PvP population look about even. but there are more and more heroes PvPing, especially since The Last Laugh DLC.

    another change is cross-faction ques for PvP. again, there were always more heroes than villains queing, but since villains are (on average) better PvPers, villains had the advantage in arenas.

    but NOW, there's a good chance that scrub heroes will show up on the villain side, and good villains show up on the hero side. so arena is less one-sided than it used to be.

    i *still* think, on average, villains have the edge in PvP. there are a LOT of *great* hero PvPers ... but there are also lots and lots of hero scrubs.

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  • 8 years ago

    im amazed here are still people playing that game, i stopped playing once i realised you cant go beyond levl 20 unless you are in a group

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