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What do you think of my girl names?

I'm not pregnant, but I just wanted to know what you guys thought about my favorite girl names. Yes there are a lot. Sorry.






Aeris/Aerith (if you can guess where I got this name from, you are epic)


























I added Hadley twice. Oops! no one seems to like the names very much. I want to drift away from the common names. Like Isabella, Emma, Emily, Nicole, Brooke and others. Too common and too used. If you do want to know about the Aeris/Aerith, I got it from a video game .

Update 2:

you can spice masculine names up to make them appear feminine. I really don't care if these names were used for male last names or first names back in the early 1900's and before. The point is, they aren't used now. My name is McKenzie, original meaning is "son of a wise leader or son of a fair person". It is a scottish boy's name. Many girls out there are named Mackenzie and not many people complain about it. Because it sounds like a girls name with the "zee" sound. I don't care if it's definition or origin was male, if it sounds girl-ish and is pretty enough and I like it, what's wrong with using it. A girl named Emily- which mean hardworking- could be a very lazy and nothing would matter. Names are names. no one cares about their origins or meanings. I'm not gonna name my daughter Strawberry just cause she has strawberry blonde hair. That's ridiculous.

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    Elaine - Pretty.

    Bonnie - Bonita with the nickname Bonnie would be a lot better. I can't see Bonnie aging well.

    Cassandra - It's ok.

    Cassidy - Originally a man's name.

    Addison - Masculine surname and boy's name that means "Son of Adam". Son. Not daughter.

    Aeris / Aerith - Both look made up. Both sound harsh and masculine.

    Laccey - I find it trashy.

    Hadley - Masculine boy's name.

    Adelaide - Gorgeous.

    Marissa - It's ok.

    Catalina - Pretty.

    Catrina - Not a fan.

    Cailey - Kaylee is ok. Hate this spelling.

    Catherine - Gorgeous.

    Fiona - Gorgeous.

    Anya - Love! Prefer as a nickname.

    Aislynn - Pretty, spelled correctly as Aisling. Aislynn is a trendy, trashy spelling.

    Annabelle - Love! Prefer the Annabel spelling.

    Bethany - Not a fan.

    Kara - Cara is pretty, spelled with a c.

    Genevieve - Gorgeous.

    Annaleigh - Pretty spelled Annalee. Your spelling is trendy, trashy, cumbersome, masculine looking, and doesn't make sense phonetically since -leigh is pronounced (LAY) not (LEE), like sleigh, minus the s.

    Fallon - Masculine.

    Keigan - Crappy spelling of Keegan, a masculine boy's name.

    Ashton - Masculine boy's name.

    Avery - Masculine boy's name. French form of the masculine, Alfred. You wouldn't name your daughter Alfred, so why name her Avery?

    Aurora - Gorgeous.

    Elaina - Pretty.

    Naomi - Love!

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    8 years ago

    Rating from 1 to 10

    Elaine (5)

    Bonnie (6)

    Cassandra (8)

    Cassidy (9)

    Addison (9)

    Aeris/Aerith (4)

    Lacey (3)

    Hadley (1)

    Adelaide (10)

    Marissa (9)

    Catalina (8)

    Catrina (1)

    Cailey (4)

    Catherine (2)

    Fiona (1)

    Anya (7)

    Aislynn (9)

    Annabelle (10)

    Bethany (5)

    Kara (4)

    Genevieve (10)

    Annaleigh (8)

    Fallon (5)

    Keigan (5)

    Ashton (9)

    Avery (8)

    Aurora (3)

    Hadley (6)

    Elaina (10)

    Naomi (1)

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  • 8 years ago

    3/10 Elaine - its nice, it just reminds me of the girl from Seinfeld

    2/10 Bonnie - everyone will ask her if she has a brother named Clyde. Try Bimi or something.

    2/10 Cassandra - it's nice, I don't really like c name though,

    4/10Cassidy - Cassidy is okay as long as she doesn't go by Cassie or something like that.

    7/10 Addison - Addison is one of my favorites, I've met one Addison and she is lovely. I love the name.

    0/10 Aeris/Aerith - yes, I know where you got this from. But please, do not name your child this. Maybe aria or something.

    4/10 Lacey - I like Lucy better.

    2/10 Hadley - I don't like this, I'm not a fan of h names.

    6/10 Adelaide - I like Adeline better, but this is pretty. It reminds me of the girl from American Horror Story actually...

    2/10 Marissa - its okay, I don't love it.

    5/10 Catalina - I like Catalin better. Without the a.

    1/10 Catrina - everyone will just be reminded of the hurricane. Try Carena or Karena.

    1/10 Cailey - I hate all forms of Cailey really

    2/10 Catherine - I like it a bit.

    2/10 Fiona - that just makes me think of the ogre girl from shrek

    1/10 Anya - I don't like it. Try Ayanna

    1/10 Aislynn - hate it.

    3/10 Annabelle - this is my dogs name.

    6/10 Bethany - I only like it because of Bethany Hamilton.

    3/10 Kara - its okay.

    1/10 Genevieve - I would cry if this were my name

    1/10 Annaleigh - it's okay. Anna names are over done though.

    3/10 Fallon - kind of neutral on this.

    4/10 Keigan - I don't like how you spelled it but it's nice

    3/10 Ashton - I wouldn't name a girl this, maybe a middle name

    8/10Avery - one of my favorites

    2/10 Aurora - is her middle name borealis? I don't like it.

    5/10 Elaina - I like it spelled Alaina more. But I like it.

    4/10 Naomi - its okay.

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  • 8 years ago

    Elaine---- 8/10 I love this name, more so as a middle name though. Not sure if i would use it for a first.

    Bonnie---- 4/10 Meh.

    Cassandra---- 7.5/10 I like it alright. Elegant sounding.

    Cassidy---- 5/10 Don't like it so much.

    Addison----4/10 Do not care for. Trendy.

    Aeris/Aerith (if you can guess where I got this name from, you are epic)--- 3/10 Don't like. Never heard them but Aeris sounds masculine to me.

    Lacey---5.5/10 It's okay i guess but i don't really like it.

    Hadley---7/10 Pretty name.

    Adelaide----7.5/10 Didn't like it at first but it's kinda growing on me. Don't think i would use it myself though.

    Marissa---5/10 Just don't like it.

    Catalina---5/10 Again, i just don't like it.

    Catrina----6/10 It's alright.

    Cailey----6/10 Not the worst but i don't care for it.

    Catherine----9/10 Very pretty/elegant name.

    Fiona---7.5/10 Decent name.

    Anya----8/10 I like it.

    Aislynn---7/10 Decent name.

    Annabelle---7/10 Decetn name.

    Bethany---7.5/10 I like it okay.

    Kara----8/10 Simple and sweet.

    Genevieve---7/10 Its alright.

    Annaleigh---1/10. Anally? no thanks. And i hate ''leigh'' spellings.

    Fallon----4/10 Don't erally care for it. Sounds masculine.

    Keigan---4/10 Same- don't care for it- masculine.

    Ashton----4/10 Same^

    Avery---3/10 I like it- for a boy. If used on a girl, i think only for a middle.

    Aurora---7/10 Pretty name.

    Hadley---- same as i rated it the first time.

    Elaina---6/10 I like Elaine much more.

    Naomi---7/10 Decent name.

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  • 8 years ago

    Avery is my absolute favorite, it is my daughter's name. I also LOVE Cassidy and Genevieve. Naomi, Hadley and Kara are also nice. Least faves are Aeris, Elaine, Bonnie, Catalina, Aurora, Annabelle, Annaleigh and Keigan.

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  • 8 years ago

    Aeris is the goddess of Chaos. My friend has a granddaughter named this.

    Of your list, I like


    Elaina/ Elaine



    Avery and Ashton are boy names.

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  • 8 years ago

    Here are the names from you list I like: Cassidy, Addison, Adelaide, Cailey, Anya, Annabelle, Genevieve, Annaleigh, Avery.

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  • 3 years ago


    Source(s): Anti Aging Remedies
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  • 8 years ago

    Those would all be very good names for a princess, just saying!

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  • 8 years ago

    They are all lovely :)

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