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History of Yosemite national Park?

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    John Muir (an American naturalist and conservationist) and Robert Underwood Johnson (editor of Century Magazine) were afraid that too many grazing sheep would ruin the land. Therefore, in 1890 they persuaded Congress to designate a protected area of land. Congress reserved over 1,500 square miles of forests. The area would eventually be called Yosemite National Park.

    At first, the US Cavalry was in charge of the land, but then the National Park Service took over around 1916. The National Park Service (also known as the NPS) has also been in charge of the tourist programs, resorts, museums, artifacts, and related aspects of the park.

    Today, over 3.5 million people visit the park each year. They come not only to look at the park, but to learn about it as well.

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