Why is runescape supporting real world trading?

I remember when they took the wilderness and free trade away and I quit because to me it ruined the game and I rejoined around the bring back trade and wid vote seeing as how we won.

Jagex says they don't support real world trading but now they are giving in game advantages for real money.

1: Squeal of Fortune: If you pay for the spins you can get xp lamps that give about 1 mill xp and even 10 mill gold pieces and pieces of armer like dragon and barrows. Now the grind to get a skill up is stupid when I could just buy my skills to 99.

2:Members loyalty program: Auroras give people even more boosts by giving you the edge on combat or to get a skill or resource faster which is again saying whoever promises to always be a member will get an advantage.

3: Selling exclusive items for time cards: The katana and flaming hat come to whoever buys a 90 day card.

Is anybody else bothered by this? You can just buy your way to level 99 or rs gold and now the game has turned into either botters, scammers or beggers. From my experience the jagex workers don't care about you as long as they get their cash. I lost an account once and couldn't get a recovery.

The game has really turned into greed and what happened to it? Did Andrew Gower support this?

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  • thomas
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    8 years ago
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    Actually the Gowers sold the company. It's now corporate owned & that's why they're now focused more on making money than making a fun exciting game. The board is not a bunch of executives & not gamers.

  • 8 years ago

    sadly Runescape is pretty much circling the drain at this point.plus extremely popular MMO's like EVE ONLINE have been doing it for nearly a decade now.so JageX thinks by doing so they may resuscitate their dying game by doing this.me personally while i'm not a fan of RS i think it's a dangerous move.as people can easily get conned and there really isn't a way to get you stuff or money back if you do.

  • 8 years ago

    Ouch. My double facepalm hurt!

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