Does Heathrow Airport in London have FREE wifi?

Like for iPods and stuff, not computers/laptops? Thanks (:

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    Heathrow wi-fi and internet access

    Looking for an internet cafe at Heathrow? You can work, surf and check your email via wireless broadband (wi-fi) or using internet-connected PCs.

    Wireless internet access (wi-fi)

    You can enjoy high-speed wireless internet access via your notebook computer or handheld device in all terminals at Heathrow.

    Your equipment

    You'll need a wi-fi capable device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet device. Even laptops that don't have this function built in can be upgraded with a wireless networking card (you can buy these at the airport).

    Network provider

    Wi-fi at Heathrow is powered by Boingo Wireless. For further information visit

    How to connect

    Turn on your wireless-enabled device.

    When prompted to choose a wi-fi network, select Boingo.

    Launch your web browser and navigate to any web page.

    You'll be redirected to the Boingo login page.

    If you don't already have a Boingo account you can set one up or pay as you go.

    Internet terminals

    Broadband-connected computers are available in each terminal, operated by Spectrum Interactive Ltd. Payment can be made by pre-paid voucher, by coin (UK pound or euro) or online by credit card.

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