Is there completely naked shows in Las vegas?

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I knew there is topless shows but is there shows with also women vaginas and butts exposed? I heard there was a show called "fezar" which showed actors having real sex in more
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  • MJM answered 2 years ago
There are a couple "totally nude" strip clubs...because they existed before laws were passed to make them illegal here. They also allow 18+ instead of 21+...for that same reason (no alcohol though).

Other than that, there are no 'naked shows' of any kind.

Zumanity has people in 'very little' clothing during their Cirque Du Soleil production (and wear 'skin colored cloth' to 'pretend' even more lack of clothes)...but nothing actually naked.

There are 'topless" clubs and shows...but, again, only the two nude clubs.

Fezar has never existed in Las Vegas.
Never heard of Fezar as a show of any type...and it would be ILLEGAL here...because of 1) the nudity, and 2) no touching of naked body parts allowed, either.

Las Vegas DOES have rules and laws...and our police "don't play"...ask Paris Hilton who now has a drug crime record because of LV police, OJ Simpson is in our jails because he commited a crime here, etc.

So...yeah, couple "nude" clubs...that's it.


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  • desertgirl answered 2 years ago
    I've never heard of that show and I lived in Las Vegas for 3 years. You can try Crazy Girls at the Rivera, but I don't know if it's still running. There is also Naked Boys Singing with only men. Zumanity has both naked men and woman. My husband said that they invite an audience member (probably a plant) up on stage to get naked with them.


    Live in Las Vegas
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  • banananose_89117 answered 2 years ago
    NO touching is the law/ordiance everywhere!!!!! There is no total nude in any Vegas Strip show

    And NO real sex anywhere
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  • cpcii answered 2 years ago
    No such show happened in Las Vegas (To my knowledge) and it sounds like a disgusting type of show. I'm not against watching people have sex, but it would be unsafe for the performers.

    No naked shows in Las Vegas, only topless.
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  • Herman answered 2 years ago
    some one told me theres a place called the tuna cabaret
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