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I'll lay odds that Andrea Casiraghi is going to be the next Prince of Monaco. What do you think?

I'm no longer sure that Albert and Charlene will have a family.

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    I think that Charlène will EVENTUALLY have a child or two. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason for their marriage - legitimate heirs.

    Very few couples rush in these days. Even royalty - look at William and Kate...we're STILL waiting. Granted, Albert and Charlène are a little older, but I have confidence they'll eventually get around to it within a year or so.

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    I would say that the only reason Princess Charlene became a Princess in the first place, was to provide the Principality with an heir of the body of Albert II.

    No, matter how I would like to see the occasion where a commoner (Andrea Casiraghi) becomes a Prince and an heir instantly, I believe that eventually Albert will have his heir/ress.

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    Albert and Charlene might yet have a family. Until they do have their own child AND that child succeeds Albert, however, Caroline is still only the heiress-presumptive (although she is known as the Hereditary Princess of Monaco). She and Stephanie will lose their place in the succession when Albert's child succeeds him.

    The succession law was changed right before Prince Rainier died. The current succession order (from 2005) is:

    Princess Caroline and her children (Andrea, Pierre, Charlotte, Alexandra)

    Princess Stephanie and two of her three children (Louis and Pauline--Camille cannot succeed unless Stephanie marries her father).

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    He often is the subsequent Prince of Monaco yet his mom, Princess Caroline is presently Heiress Presumptive to the throne of Monaco. could the present Prince Albert ll die devoid of valid offspring, Princess Caroline will ascend the throne as Sovereign Princess of Monaco. Her eldest son Andrea would then turn into the inheritor and next Prince of Monaco.

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    I agree, dear girl. But just to be on the safe side, I shall have a fiver each-way.

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    You may be quite correct dear Elzbieta, but one pays very little attention to that tawdry tin-pot monarchy. One is far too concerned with matters of British Royalty to think about that Monegasque lot.

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