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Question about visiting LA?

Me and my best friend are planning a trip to LA for when we turn 16(in 3 years) the time of the trip it will be two 16 year old girls and 1 perhaps 2 30 plus year old mothers. We are some smallish(des Moines, Iowa) city girls from the middle class, not well traveled.. I want to know:

What beaches are safest and most appropriate to visit with over protective mothers?

What are some must see locations ?

A good hotel to stay in? Preferably a nice one? We are wanting a higher class experience. Bellhop, spa, fitness room, swimming pool, hot tub, ectcetera

Other suggestions????


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  • 9 years ago
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    Well most beaches are fine and appropriate (no nude beaches that I can think of at least). I would agree that you should avoid Venice Beach though because a lot of drugs and other such things there, even though it is beautiful. Hermosa, Santa Monica, and Huntington are my favorite beaches, and there is usually always some event or another going on at one of them. You shouldn't just stay in LA though, the surrounding areas are just as or even more amazing. You have Santa Barbara and Monterey and the Bay area a bit north, Orange County to the South, wonderful mountains just a bit inland, and the vast desert. Universal Studios is a nice place just to see where some of your favorite movies come to life, but it's not a full day experience. And while you're in LA, you should definitely check out the California Plaza, the Grove, and the LA Live area, catch a show if you can. In Orange County you have Disney Land and California Adventure which could take up a whole day or two itself. If you wait until you're 18 though then you can also go to some pretty nice 18+ clubs. Santa Barbara has some really nice kayaking areas along with Monterey and Morro Bay. You can really do almost anything in the area if you have the time, just remember the city life doesn't sleep, there's just as much or sometimes more to do at night as there is during the day. A lot of the SoCal experience is also just relaxing and hitting the beach now and again...and traffic, lol. As for the hotels, just drop a pin on the map and its sure to land somewhere near a high end hotel. Just pick a Hilton or Marriott or something, you won't have any problems in that area.

  • 9 years ago

    Ah, this is a much better question than your last one: Straightforward and honest. I like that.

    The best beach for you would be either Huntington or Santa Monica. Santa Monica has the famous pier that you see on TV and in the movies. It has a small amusement park right on it, and is over a century old. Huntington also has a pier, with restaurants and shops on the shore. There is also a fun little diner out on the end of the pier called Ruby's. Being from Iowa, you should probably avoid Venice. It's VERY interesting, but a bit of a freak show. Overprotective moms don't really go for that. Then again, they might. They might think it will teach you that LA is a weird place, and you'll want to go back to Iowa. It's your call.

    Check out some of my other answers with regards to all the places to see. It barely fits into the space allotted, and I've typed too much already. You'll also see good hotels as well. Most hotels here have a pool. I'd probably go for the Howard Johnson Anaheim or the Candy Cane Inn if you are going to visit Disneyland. Then maybe something like the Best Western Media Center in Burbank. Nothing too fancy, but still nice.

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