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Looking for top dutch music charts. c;?

I'm learning Dutch. I was wondering if something existed as the equivalent to our billboard top 100. If not, I'm open for suggestions to other outlets of music in the Dutch language.

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    8 years ago
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    In the Netherlands we have a mondly top-40. but there is much America and English music in it. so the few dutch songs who are in there are not very good. I don't know what kind of music you like, but there are a few good dutch bands of every style.

    First you've got the original dutch music. i'm not a fan of this music. but a few artist are: Frans bauer, Wolter Kroes and Andre hases. than we've the sing-and-song writers. there are a few good one: Tim knol and Tim Akkerman. there are also nice duo's: Acda en de munnik, nick en simon.

    Last, we've got the dutch bands: Blof, klein orkest (expecially the song: "over de muur") and het goede doel

    Sorry for the bad grammar xD

    Hope it helps

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  • 3 years ago

    Bands: a million) gadget 2) Presidents of america 3) Modest Mouse 4) Buckethead 5) Streetlight Manifesto Albums: a million) Lateralus- gadget 2) Freaked Out And Small- Presidents of america 3) We have been ineffective till now The deliver Even Sank- Modest Mouse 4) someplace interior the between- Streetlight Manifesto 5) Peppers Ghost- Buckethead Songs: a million) The Grudge- gadget 2) Fly Trapped In A Jar- Modest Mouse 3) final lady on the earth- Presidents of america 4) might You Be inspired?- Streetlight Manifesto 5) Carpal Tunnel Slug- Buckethead

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