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calculate the sum of integers from 1 to 100?

I am new to shell programming, i need to come up a bash script that calculates the sum of all integers from 1 to 100. Can anyone help me?

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    echo "This script will add all integers from 1 to 100"

    RESULT = 0

    for (( c=1; c<=100; c++ ))


    $RESULT = $RESULT + c


    echo "The result is $RESULT"


    or something like that, I'm 99% sure.

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    I apologize i do not know bash, but I know several other languages.

    you will need a for loop

    something like this:


    for x = 1 to 100

    sum = sum + x

    end for

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    Sorry but you don't need a script for that...

    the answer is simply (100*101)/2

    if you must loop it use

    sum=0;for i in {1..100};do sum=$(( sum+i ));done;echo $sum

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