Im to ugly to find love?

Im sooo insecure right now because im ugly, and quite sure i will die alone, and no one will ever fall im love with me, everyone i lay eyes on is better looking than me, im ugly without makeup and with it om, am ugly fullstop.. Im being serious, im really upset, i dont want attrntion, i dontbthink im worthy of being loved because people wont be able to look past my looks, my friends say im hilarious, confident, bubbly, nice, i appear all nice but inside im hurting, i just want someone to appreciate me for who i am but boys wont be able to look past looks, what can i do, am i gonna die alone... Heres a pic od me without makeup so you can get a jist of my problem, its with no makeup, my real natural face :-(

Im 15btw 16 in 2 months

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    7 years ago
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    What a shame that society has brought us to this. I'm so sorry you feel that way.

    There's more to life than living to please a man, though. You have friends and they like you. Why wouldn't anyone else like you?

    Have you ever heard the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? That means that what is ugly to one person is gorgeous to another.

    People DO actually look past people's looks. Because some people aren't shallow.

    Watch some of the documentaries that have been made about people who have suffered horrendous accidents which have changed their appearance dramatically. Once beautiful the are now, sadly not. One such story is about a girl called Katie - I think her ex boyfriend threw acid in her face.

    You won't die alone, only if you want to. There are loads of people out there who will want to get to know the real you. You're only 15, there's PLENTY of time!!!

    Never say die.

    PS I haven't looked at your photo because I truly don't believe there's any such thing as 'ugly'.

  • 7 years ago

    I have 2 points.

    1) ''There is no such thing as ugly girls. Only lazy ones'' If you think that you're not as pretty as you could be- then do something about it. Sitting there and hoping you'll look attractive isn't going to do anything. Hit the gym, buy some nice clothes, get a hair cut. All these things will help you boost not only your image, but your confidence.

    2) Love isn't the same thing as attraction. Attraction is mostly a result of outer image, but love is a result of inner image. No one is ''too ugly to find love''. That's bullshit. There's someone out there for every single person in the world. Trust me. If a man is with you because of your looks- screw him. You should only love a man who loves you for who you are- not what you look like.

  • timlin
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    3 years ago

    bro u thinkin the incorrect way that's by no ability abt the seems for a lady its a minor aspect for then compared to us ok so purely be useful andact cool flirt round crack some marvelous jokes make her snigger and wager she is all united statesfor the taking cheers dude and best of success

  • 7 years ago

    You are adorable without make-up, I am sure all you need to do is be yourself you sound like a nice girl and with out make-up you look better than me(in my opinion).

    Just flirt and be playful around guys,you DO HAVE A CHANCE

    Source(s): You are soo pretty ❤
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  • 7 years ago

    WHAAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHO SAYS UR UGLY? i'm pretty sure guys are nervous to talk to you, just be nice, not too flirty, still keep ur ego within you, but be nice, laugh, smile, trust me, i'll date you and ur picture is gonna be all over my phones, screen saver, everytime, i'll wanna take ur picture, while sleeping, eating, walking, anytime anywhere. Take it from me please Whoever says ur not pretty is already dead but have not been buried. how i would love to leave my contact but i'm just 19 years old african male, u ain't gonna like me. Think i'm ugly too. hahaha OR OHH I'D LIVE IT, IF U CAN EMAIL ME.

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  • Your not even that ugly. Calm down drama queen.

    You won't chase men away with your looks but being a cry baby is all it takes. Why not just love yourself? geez...

  • 7 years ago

    your pretty(: (no homo :P)

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