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Where are people coming up with some of these baby names?

When I look through these baby name questions, people list some of the oddest names. With some of them, I'd have trouble guessing the baby's gender. I'm sure some of them are from different ethnic origins, but I feel some people are inventing them on the spot. I don't mean to be offensive, I just don't understand where people are coming up with these names.

What are some of the most unique names you've seen in this section?

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    Simple, because they're bored of traditional names. People on this site (and all over the internet) proudly proclaim that "Classics are back!" and that we all need to rally and support them. And yet, these numerous vintage trends are only reviving the conventionally pretty ones like Sophie, Helena and Arabella, or Caleb, Schuyler and Gabriel. That pretty much makes up roughly 2% of the true classics of Europe.

    What makes it worse is that, with so few classical names actually making the cut by various trend standards, what few there are are being produced on a mass-scale to compensate for the sheer lack of them. Which means that people are, once again, starting to lose interest in classics as they've seen the ones that have been deemed as 'socially acceptable' all before, by this point, and want something less predictable than Emma, Ava, Elizabeth, William, Noah and Alexander. Which is why we're all seeing such an increase in names like Azzlyn, Emersynne, Nevaeh, Mykynlee etc. because people are desperate for something unique and these grossly over-popular traditional names aren't offering up so much as a scrap of originality.

    That's essentially what's wrong. People of our society are practically frothing at the mouth for a genuinely interesting and innovative name but, in terms of classical names, they're not willing to try anything new. I'm not saying we all need to start using names like Marjory, Hildegarde, Ethel or Willoughby, Norman and Eugene but, there's so much more to traditional names than we're currently seeing, and it's so much better than the gender-inappropriate, illiterate, babyish, trendy names people are coming up with as I write this.

    Here's a list of the 'unique' names I've see on this site; and the people who use/have used them. Bear in mind, these are all for girls as girls tend to suffer their mother's 'kreaghtiave' streek far more than boys do...

    (-:Tabbykinz:-) - Finnley Hayden, Shiloh Avery Blair, Bowie Felice

    Tabitha Florence - Octavia Sybella Patience

    Eliza Ruthie ♥ - Cross August, Océane Ruthie, Benedita Aurore and Shepherd Marko

    Ashlie♥ - Daelyn Marie

    Braaaahhhhp - Paxton Reighlee

    Makenna - Paige Jordyan, Parker Kayla, Kendall K (just the K)

    tay - Grayson Kathleen, Piper Dominic, Parker Azalea, Hayden Anastasia, Landen Juliet, Rylan McKenna, Mara Cassidee, Declan Athena

    LoveMySon - Kaizlen Marie & Blaire Emery

    The names Amanda :] -Dinette Tyfani, Dallas Love, Labrya Madysen, Krystyna Trinity, Beautiful Alaska, Labrya Chevette, Nevaeh Sunshine

    Aubree - Melodi Dusk, Marlee Bree, Ambyr Sue, Bloom September

    cнєlsєα sмίlє - Guinevere Lotus, Lotus Emery, Lotus Oleander, Emery Elijah

    Expecting Triplets! - Kensington Alaina

    Lady lovely locks - Vagena and Vadgesty (She actually gave her twins those names!)

    Bonnie - Zulay (zoo-lie) Ailene, Lumiere Éclair

    Kell - Deliverance "Liv" Virginia

    Me – Andromeda Elizabeth, Riverlee

    Willow - Luna Prism, Ember Iris, Aurora Patience, Araiya Sunrise

    Lourdes - Peace Summer

    Mega - Dandelion Rumi Elaine, Bonnibell Rumi Elaine, Snowdrop Andromeda Irene, Coralena Snowdrop Alluilda, Dandelion Wilda Faye

    Lizzeh - Venus Sky, Lyrical Patience

    Lyss – Ryden Hope

    Kelly – Ocean Blue

    Sarah – Lily Pansy

    Caecillia - Lyric Andromeda Renesmee

    D – Myllynnyum Kathleen

    Ava - Valhalla Sienna

    Noonlightangel – Merlyn Rose

    Brittani - Treighlynn and Bryler

    danielle - Ezra Meadow Rae

    e-m - Jubilynn Mariah, Miracle-Rose, Primlynn Joan

    Red – Seven Sierra, Brooke Fawn

    Andrea - Maddeleine Love Kyoko, September Violet Sakura

    Romeo save me formally CMG – Aslan/Azlynn

    Molly – Berlin Jane & Holland Nicolette

    Panda - Evaleena Disney

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    They probably get the names from a another nationality and change the spelling to make it even more unique. Honestly, I just love unique names! It's like in school (I go to college). Almost five people in our year is named Sarah. My name is Gwendolyn, but at least it's not THAT common.

    The most unique names:

    Ever Lily- Ever is a unique and beautiful name.

    That's just probably it. I've seen and heard a lot of unique names.

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    Good question! I think people tend to put two or three names together and blend them to make some of the weird names like Braylie, Braxley, and Cambree and stuff like that... As for the SUPER weird ones.. who knows? Maybe books they read?!

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    I love beautiful names, but for me they have to exist somewhere and be easy to pronounce.

    The names that i've seen (i'll make up some examples as well) are:

    Hayl'E (hayley)

    Da'QuE'sha (da- keisha)

    J'lynn (jaylin)

    JeN'ifer (jennifer)

    I really really dislike those "capital-apostrophe" names... Grr ;)

    Interesting question! Thanks!

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