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How far is the train station in Frankfurt from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport?

A few friends and I are traveling to Frankfurt and then taking a train to Munich at the end of September/beginning of October. How far is the train station from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport? Also, is it best to buy train tickets in advance or when we arrive? I know we will be traveling during Oktoberfest so I'm sure it will be busy!


Thank you, guys. That's good to know. I was looking at RyanAir and that was one of the choices. Definitely trying to be careful since I have never been to Europe before.

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    Frankfurt-Hahn is an airport in the middle of nowhere at an old airforce base about 120 kms from Frankfurt. It is mainly used by Ryanair all year and by some other budget airlines during holiday seasons. You will need to get on a shuttle bus to Frankfurt in order to catch a train to Munich. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes [without traffic jams].

    Shuttle bus info: ..

    It is best to buy train tickets in advance [up to three months prior to travel] since you can make use of saving fares for early booking (from €39 or €59 instead of the standard fare of €76 or €95. ..

    You also should check-out ryanair flight options to the Memmingen Allgäu airport. Shuttle buses from there to Munich take 1h 35 mins. ..

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    Considering the money and time you'll spend just for getting from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Munich it is worth considering a direct flight to Munich airport. Rest has been said by the first commenter.

    The whole thing with calling this airport "Frankfurt Hahn Airport" is about a marketing trick by Ryanair, so people think they are going to Frankfurt when actually they land in the middle of nowhere... it's even worse than London Stansted considering the distances and connections...

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