Do you think Bleach is the strongest of the big three anime?

Please be descriptive and detailed whether you think it is or not if you want to be considered for best answer

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  • 9 years ago
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    Nope. I think it's the weakest.

    Bleach passed its sell by date. They milked it and left it lacking, the majority of its plot going down the drain and becoming very repetitive. I will admit that I loved it at first, but as I watched more, the story’s next arc seemed to be identical to the one before. No more originality. What a shame. Also the fillers make me want to shoot my computer screen (but I love my laptop too much, so I couldn't do that). I watched it to the end, but only because I’ve got this far and I did want to see how it ends, and actually see it end in general. So I can't say I hate it . . . and I won’t. It’s not a detestable show, just not all that great.


    The story line is still intriguing and keeps me enticed and wrapped around it. The story is still continued so they haven't had so many arcs that the whole story is running dry and just creating more episodes even though it should be over. The characters all seem quite realistic, each equipped with genuine personalities, lives, and a set of flaws that add to their depth. All of them grow as the series progresses; making impactful decisions, and whether they’re good or bad, they stick to them, which I like. The only real issue I have with Naruto is its filler episodes, but there are some diamonds in the rough. It's just when you have 20 episodes of fillers in a row, it kind of gets old, though these can easily be skipped. I really like the Naruto series.

    One Piece

    The story is really interesting, even after all these episodes. You see the characters get stronger and face problems which you get wrapped up in. It's funny, but has serious moments too, and the fights are awesome. When I first heard of One Piece, the premise intrigued me, but the idea of a rubber man probably baffled me more. It made me feel reluctant to watch it, as I thought it’d be a mindless, stupid show, but it was pulled off really well. The story with pirates and devil fruits etc are really good, and the characters are developed too. The fillers don't really bother me in this show, because they relate to the plot too, and they're usually interesting and there aren't too many in a row. There is a slow start, which some may have to push through (I enjoyed it) before the anime gets especially good, though.

  • 9 years ago

    Everyone thinks Bleach is really boring after a while, so no, I wouldn't say so. And I think in Naruto, there's so much more character development and the bad guys actually have touching stories, and you see that they're actually trying to do something good for the world. And in Naruto the good guys don't always win, in fact sometimes they die, but in Bleach people say the bad guys always lose. And One Piece, that stuff is just the most entertaining shounen stuff I've seen, with major character development, plot twists etc.

    If I had to rate it, I would give One Piece or Naruto first place (probably One Piece), then Naruto, then Bleach. Bleach is good up to a certain point, but everyone says it's bad after that.

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    9 years ago


    because bleach got a bit boring when rukia left for a while when she was captured in soul society thats when a lot of people stopped watching

  • 9 years ago

    NARUTO is STRONGER then bleach

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