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Do you prefer reading in first person or third person?

I've been writing in third person, but now I'm not sure if it's the best way to go because I want my main character's personality to show a little more. What do you think?

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    I like a third person view best. Omniscient.

    Third person is more appealing to me, generally. I like it when you feel the attachment you’d feel towards the character in first, but it’s written in third. And omniscient allows you to see the whole story world from a bounty of perspectives.

    Also, the word 'I' is overused in first person, that can get a little dull after repeated so many times. It's a lot easier to be irritated by the MC when you're utterly and completely in their head, as well as the characters they like, especially their love interest(s).

    Don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed books written in first person. I'm not that fussy. Though I do have a favourite, it doesn't hinder me from reading any books written in first.

  • It doesn't matter to me what point of view a story was written in. What matters is that the story draws me in. In a plot-driven novel the action has to carry me along, and I get sucked into the world the author created, like with The Hunger Games. If it's a character-driven novel, I want to know the characters so well that they're real to me, and I care about them.

    As for your writing, experiment. Take pieces of your story and write in first person and rewrite in third person. Which point of view feels more real or fits the story better?

    First person is very limited so you can't get inside the heads of the other characters. The character or the character narrator can speculate about another's thoughts and feelings but cannot know all the motivations and the internal conflict another character feels. However, first person point of view allows you to dig deeper into your character's inner world or mind.

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    It depends on the author to me. Some authors absolutely fail at writing first person, and some absolutely fail at third person. You can write in either POV and still show just as much personality. I like third person the best though, because it sounds more professional. (Especially if the main character is really childish and annoying, because then reading in first would be a pain.)

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    I usually write in third person and I like reading in third person too, but I find it really fun when I get to write in first person. I like first because you get to sit in your character's seat and write out their feelings and what they do. I like doing that because you actually get to be your character and since you're writing as them directly their feelings will probably show more. So if you really want the reader to know how the character feels I would suggest First Person.

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    I'd rather read first person. As long as they KEEP IT on the same person throughout. I don't like it when they switch POVs. If they want other people's thoughts to come out, they should've made it third person. Honestly, I'll read either if the book sounds interesting. :)

    Personally I think it's more fun to write first person. You should try it. If you don't like it, then stick with third person.

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    I don't mind reading if a story is written in first or third, as long as it's a good story. I prefer to write in first person though, it's simpler for me. A person should write from whatever perspective they're comfortable with.

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    I usually don't care how it is when I read, but I prefer WRITING in first person. Sometimes I'd rather have first person so it can be more personal and how the character see it.

    As long as it's written well, I'm good!

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    I prefer third person, gives a better all around experience to me. First person is too focused on one character's thoughts, feelings, and actions for my liking.

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    properly, i think of its extra good to jot down in first guy or woman, coz you will desire to go away extremely plenty out and then patch it up later, however that is extra exciting to the reader, and you will additionally communicate in intensity your emotions and emotions, so human beings analyzing can relate to this guy or woman etc. yet then 0.33 guy or woman is way less confusing and each thing, yet its no longer in as plenty intensity, yet each thing is wise, and you will tell the reader each of the sentiments of the characters in the e book. the two extremely, it relies upon how the author portrays it, and how good their type. :)

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