Can you name some disasters not caused by or associated with AGW?

There's a denialist meme that "alarmists" blame everything bad on AGW, even things that have nothing to do with global warming. So, to make a point, I would like my fellow realists to name every disaster (natural or man-made, large or small) that you can think of that is not in any significant way due to the effects of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, or the subsequent warming. You can name things that are not at all caused by AGW, things that only have a vague possible tenuous connection to AGW, and/or things that can be caused by AGW, but are more often caused by something else (though please make it clear which is which).

And, just as a bonus, feel free to mention some of the (few) good things that are expected as a result of AGW

Sources, as always, are good, peer-reviewed sources even better. And disasters with natural causes are preferred to man-made disasters, just so the denialists can't just switch it to "Alarmists blame everything bad on man"


Phoenix: you mean the law that's going to make it so I can actually buy health insurance for the first time in years?...

Update 2:

You can also mention things for which AGW and its effects are thought to be a *very* small contributing factor...

Update 3:

Ian: work on your reading comprehension. He said that most wars (with the probable exception of the first Gulf war) did *not* have anything significant to do with AGW...

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Just recently?

    Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami (and ongoing level 7 meltdowns at three reactors in the Fukushima Fukushima Prefecture

    Haiti earthquake.

    Deepwater Horizon.

    Anders Behring Breivik.

    Georgia sugar refinery explosion.

    Indian Ocean earthquake and following tsunami.

    Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Cyclone Nargis.

    North Korean famine.

    2010 Russian heat wave.

    Black Saturday bush fires.

    And of course Bhopal.

  • Moe
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    7 years ago

    Alarmist do blame everything bad that happens on AGW, there is absolutely nothing you can come up with where some alarmist hasn't claimed it's being caused by AGW.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago



    Wars - every war prior to 1990 and probably every war since, though I can not confirm that. Weather does effect moods. It is possible that if Osama bin Ladin was not put in a bad mood by a heat wave, that the World Trade Center would still be standing.

    England's cold winter in 2010 and any cold temperature event.

    A possible benefit of AGW. England would have been even colder in the winter of 2010.


    The Gulf War did not happen in 1990. It happened from Jan. 16, 1991–April 6, 1991.

    Even though I consider it to be very unlikely that global warming will cause wars before sea levels rise, I can not actually prove it hasn't, at least not since it has been a significant factor in weather and climate.

    <Yes, since you are saying that wars BEFORE 1990 ARE NOT attributable to climate change, then you are inferring that wars AFTER 1990 are.>

    I said probably every war since 1990.

    <"Earthquakes and Volcanoes">

    Are you claiming that AGW DOES cause earthquakes and volcanoes?


    <The early 20th century had a strong global warming trend which likely broke off more than the average amount of ice bergs resulting in the sinking of the Titanic>

    That warming was caused by the Sun, not by AGW.

    I hope that you will be true to your self when you need health care and fly to a private hospital, where you and not the taxpayers pay for it.

  • john m
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    7 years ago

    Hi there are to many man made disasters to list Mining disasters Environmental disasters The 50's and 60's period and the people in charge at that time have a lot to answer for

    One of the biggest disasters I see is still going on and it's call planed obsolescence If conspiring is a crime then there's none bigger then this.. MONEY GREED and CORRUPTION drive this process

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  • Rio
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    7 years ago

    Me thinks you've stumped everyone.

    Anything viable could be annotated as pre humanoid.

    Some key concepts used by alarmists:

    1. Most

    2. Maybe

    3. Could

    4. Almost

    5. Later

    6. If

    7. Requires further study

    8. Adjusted

    9. Unknown

  • JimZ
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    7 years ago

    Ottawa beat me to it. I was also going to suggest Phoenix and Eliz (If memory serves) were underestimating the imaginative powers of alarmists.

    CR, Earthquakes and volcanoes have also been blamed on warming. Some have suggested that melting ice triggered earthquakes and it isn't much of a stretch to include volcanoes too.

    Asteroid impacts might be pretty hard to blame. I suppose they could just suggest that the universe was unhappy with us and decided to pelt us with rocks.

    I was going to suggest the Arab Spring which has turned into an Arab Summer Heat Wave but I seem to remember that many middle easterners did blame the west on the climate.

    This is one of the toughest questions I have read in a long time.

  • 7 years ago

    I've tried and tried to come up with something and that effort has left me in cerebral agony. I'm now waiting for a comet to come screaming toward Earth to bring me sweet relief.

    Edit@Elizabeth - Not true. The early 20th century had a strong global warming trend which likely broke off more than the average amount of ice bergs resulting in the sinking of the Titanic

    Edit@Pheonix - You're wrong as well. Global warming is a major reason Obama was elected. Ergo, global warming caused Obamacare.

  • 7 years ago

    There was many disasters that happened before global warming nonsense... what the media wants you to believe nowadays is that global warming causes some accidents...

    It is so transparent and such a hoax!

  • Ian
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    7 years ago

    Climate Realist you are such a denier.

    "Earthquakes and Volcanoes"----

    "Wars - every war prior to 1990"--- Prior to 1990? Of course it is blatantly obvious that the Gulf War, Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Somali Civil War, the Bosnian War, the Kosovo War, all the wars in Africa and the insurgencies in Muslim countries are all directly caused by climate change. Like a centrifugal force, this is a real fact.

    But you can't possibly think that wars from 1800 to 1990 were not directly caused by climate change. This is just such a ridiculous hypothesis that honestly it's just not worth addressing.

    I can't believe what a huge denier you really are. I am shocked.

    EDIT...Being serious, that you received 5 thumbs up from alarmists (or more likely one alarmist with multiple accounts) for suggesting that all wars after 1990 are caused by global warming indicates how utterly pathetic alarmists are.

    It's hard to argue against something that is a religion.

    Source(s): @Chem....He wrote "Wars - every war prior to 1990" Yeah, great way to start off a sentence if you are trying to get your point across that absolutely NO war was caused by AGW. Oh wait, Osama...who lived in the bloody desert all his cranky during a heat wave.Do you people even listen to how ridiculous you sound? Hey Chem, all natural disasters prior to 1975, and perhaps all of them after 1975 although I have no way of knowing, are not caused by climate change. @Climate Idiot..."The Gulf War did not happen in 1990/ It happened from Jan. 16, 1991–April 6, 1991." Yes, since you are saying that wars BEFORE 1990 ARE NOT attributable to climate change, then you are inferring that wars AFTER 1990 are.
  • 7 years ago

    The Titanic ...

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