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Is this enough for an Anti-harassment Oder? How do I file?

I will not bore you with the smaller details that lead to this, but I informed my roommates that I did not feel comfortable living with them anymore and I did not know if I was going to stay. At this time, I informed them that I would continue to pay rent (which I have NEVER been late paying or been short on)

I left this note for them around 1 am on June 18th.

-June 19th I recieved a text from Roommate 1, saying That I better have my portion of the july's rent to her no later than 3pm on the 21st, when our rent is not due til the 1st of each month. But I understandt hat it takes time to mail it.

-I did not respond to the text message as I had just pulled into work, again I have always paid my bills on time. So i also felt no need to respond.

-June 19th around 8 30pm. Roommate 1, also one of my managers at mcdonalds. Shows up to work, waits at the back desk for me to be given my half hour break.

- Once on my break, the manager on duty tells us not to talk infron t of the customers. so we go outside. She begins asking me if I'll have rent, am I going to pay her or not. When I told her " I said in the note that I would, ive never been late before" she said that since I did not answer my text she had to assume I would not pay. When I told her I was at work, she said" Well since you were late yesterday I just assumed you wouldn't be able to make it on time to work today" ( I have a very high dependability rating at work BECAUSE i am not usually late) Then insulted my finances. Saying "You never have any extra money to do things like we do." Staring me down this whole time. Badgering me about the fact i was going to leave this job and start a new one. Asking if I am even going to make enough to survive. that "you better make enough for rent and utilites. even if you don't live with us you are on the bills so you WILL pay a third of the utilities bills" which i understood. Then asked Who's car I was driving/ ( I was insured under her car, but was no longer "allowed" to drive it anymore. so although I had insurance, it was on a car I could not drive and I had not transfer my insurance over to the new car I was driving) Then proceeded to write down the license plate number of the car I was driving and sent it to the cops. When I told her they made me feel uncomfortable at the house and I couldn't stay there she said " I wouldn't feel comfortable if I were you either". when I asked if she was doing things just to try and hurt me she answerd " yes". I told her I did not want to talk anymore. She threw my movie out of her car and left. I was so upset I had to call someone in to finish my shift.

- June 21st. I pay my rent. I go to "my room" and they run into my room without knocking and scold me for telling Roommate1's mother ( who was texting me and calling me weak minded, a liar, and cursing at me) that Roommate 2 had left bruises on Roommate 1. and that Roommates 1 had told Roommate 2's 6 year old daughter she would put her mom in jail. Sayin it was non of my business. How dare I do such a low thing. Then asked if I would like it if they told my friends about certain things in my life ( which were bother irrelavant and 2, my friends and family already knew about) but still threatened to "**** with my life"

- Later she came in and tried to be nice, then told me if asked I should tell roommate1's mom I lied. That they told her I was trying to cause drama.

- July 3rd. I recieve a call from Roomate 2 asking when I will have rent for august. again. it is the 3rd day of JULY. The month I had already paid for and she is asking when I will pay for the next month. When I told her I would bring it the 14th (over two weeks early) She said "and you will have all of your portion of the bills" to which i said"..yes". Then she claimed to need and exact time that i would "meet" them at the house. then told me I needed to tell her asap.

These people scare me. I am honestly terrifed to go "home" I'm sick of them yelling and hitting eachother. I have never been hit by them This is true. But they even told me they are trying to make my life hell. I am under a lease with these people til febuary. I cannote seem to get ahold of my landlord. I am afraid they talked to her and probably turned her again me sort of.

Is this harassment?

Is it enough to get an Anti Harassment order?

If I had this order could I get out of my lease and get out of these girl's life forever?

Also: I Paid 6 months of insurance up front. and they will not let me use the car anymore

I paid a 200 dollar pet deposit, and once I took my cat out and moved in with a different friend they got a new cat.

any help is

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    Inform your roommates in an email that since they have overtly harassed you at home and made it clear they didn't want you to live there any more, they have violated of the lease and that you will not be paying rent or utilities from this day forward and that you are leaving immediately. Demand a refund of any security deposit (including the pet deposit), last months' rent, and whatever portion of a months' rent or utilities you paid in advance for time after you move out. And like I said before, inform your landlord in writing. (If the landlord isn't responding, send it in writing by return receipt mail, so you can prove it was received.) Also demand they cease all further communication with you of a personal, aggressive, or harassing nature.

    Keep in mind you're being nice here. If you got a restraining order against them, in theory, THEY would have to move out and you could get new roommates.

    Also, inform Roommate 1's manager at McDonalds in writing that she has been harassing you at home and at work, that you are moving out of your shared apartment due to her harassment, and that you expect them to protect you from reprisals at work. If she's one of your managers, and you skip out, she is likely to retaliate against you at work, which is illegal.

    If they do take you to small claims court over the loss of rent, you should countersue to recover any deposits they didn't return, any portion of the rent that covered time you didn't live in the apartment, and any expenses you incurred (such as self-storage, moving expenses, etc) because you had to leave the apartment on short notice. And if you get fired or anything but they still have the audacity to try to sue you, you should also make a counterclaim for that, but include the McDonalds and its top manager, not just your roommate.

    Oh and one more thing: call the police and ask to file a report about the domestic violence you've witnessed. Without either roommate wanting to press charges they won't be prosecuted but doing this protects you if you later claim in court they were beating each other up, because you can show that you reported it to the police, and the police will make a report about the incident. (And don't worry about doing this retroactively, as long as the incident wasn't a LONG time ago.)

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