Would this be considered a non-profit organization?

I was considering making a system in which I fundraiser for a charity such as the "cancer care" charity by posting pictures online in which each picture shows a person holding our signature logo and a message about cancer. The money would be acquired through various organizations such as NIH and NCI who would pay $1 for each picture posted. This is extremely similar to the catalyst foundation (I am a catalyst to end human trafficking). This money would be given directly through the charity without touching me at all (I would do this with something like ). The problem is that if this has to be considered a non-profit organization or a charity I have to be over 18...and I'm not. I really care about this issue but I am just wondering if age restrictions will limit me in taking part in this endeavor.


Thanks for the answer! I think I can ensure them through the website I posted as I know this is secure fro I won't come off as a scammer to the companies I contact when they me haha. Thanks for the reply anyway!

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    An organization's non-profit status is granted by the US Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    The process to apply for a non-profit status for an organization takes considerable time and usually requires the help of an attorney to serve as your registered agent.

    You would then need to register as a corporation with the Secretary of State in the state where your organization operates. All this before you begin your charitable activities.

    If you are working with an organization already in existence, you should check for the IRS determination letter and registration status with your Secretary of State, Division of Corporations. If you are not a registered non-profit organization, then contributions to your organization are not tax-exempt to the donor.

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    No you can collect money and donate all proceeds to the charity of your choice.

    This maybe difficult as many scammers also do this. Only the money never makes it to the charity. Start with friends and family

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