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Question about my Divorce?

i just filed for divorce in the state of florida ,naples florida , i agree to divorce and my wife agrees to the divorce, we dont have children or we are not fighting over anything, so it is simple, my friend got divorce and he didnt go to any hearing , but there in the court house they told me that i will recieve a notice to appear in a hearing?? i have to travel and i wont be in the country for 1 year, and i need to get divorce , i filed and in 10 days i am leaving , my wife wont come over from jacksonville to naples , she is very bussy , what can i do? i really need to get divorce but if there is a hearing i wont be able to go ! :( someone can advice me waht to do please???

thank you very much guys

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    Something this serious requires you get an attorney. If you cannot afford one, call your states bar association and they should have legal aide. Or try searching the internet for free legal advice. You definitely don't want to take advice from someone in a forum with no legal experience for something this serious. Good luck.

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    If you don't have the children then it is very easy to get divorce.You should also consult a divorce attorney in Florida to get your divorce settlement done.They are expert in their field and can give you right settlement.

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