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how do i find a movie that i don't know the name of but i kind of know the description?

Two girls win a contest at their school and they get to see their favorite band play. Then they figure out that the band wont come so they kidnap some of the band members. Then they figure out that the lead singer is too afraid to sing in fronnt of people so he lipsyncs. Thats all i remember and i dont know if thats right.

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    It's called "Taking Five" (2007)


    Devon Thompson (Alona Tal) and Gabby Davis (Daniella Monet) are the ultimate fans of the band 5 Leo Rise (The Click Five). When energy drink Shift sponsors a free 5 Leo Rise concert for the high school that collects the most bottle labels, Devon and Gabby deliver with a frenzy that only star-struck fans can. When the labels are destroyed in an accidental fire caused by Devon when she was holding a lit sparkler, dreams of the concert are dashed not only for Gabby and Devon, but also for their entire school. Desperate to see their idols on their home turf and not to be social outcasts for the remainder of high school, the two friends take matters of delivering the band into their own hands. They decide to kidnap the band with the help of Lincoln (Marcus T. Paulk) and Pete (Jake Koeppl). They manage to kidnap four members of 5 Leo Rise and they let go one, but the other one agrees to play at their school.

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    Lizzie McGuire movie

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