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KttK008 asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 8 years ago

how important is portion control?

My fiancee has been losing weight however she feels eating a HUGE salad as opposed to a big mac and fries is THE way to go. My theory is she is still using the same volume of food to feel full rather than shrinking her stomach down to require less food. She claims that without eating large portions she tends to snack afterwards and kill any benefit from dieting.


To her credit my fiancee only uses light oil based dressing like Wishbone light italian or a vinegrette dressing as opposed to creamy fat filled junk like blu cheese, ranch etc

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    8 years ago
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    Portion control can be very important, but situationally your fiancee is probably right. Unless she is slathering heavy dressings (such as ranch or blue cheese based ones), or adding very unhealthy toppings, a huge salad is way better than a big mac and fries:

    1. The salad, even if it has more calories, delivers more nutrients that allow the body to clean itself and flush out bad stuff

    2. Studies show that if a person eats healthier foods, such as salad, for the rest of the day they get into the habit of making healthier choices.

    That being said, large portions of anything, although better than unhealthy fried foods, aren't always the best thing. Instead of eating such large portions, encourage your fiancee to eat 4 moderately sized meals a day. That way she won't be feeling hungry, and she'll still get used to portion control.

    Source(s): Life experience, research
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  • 8 years ago

    It all comes down to calories. People talk about portion control, because generally the less you eat the less calories you eat. But comparing a big mac to a salad, of course you can eat more salad. I agree with your fiancee. It appears to be working for her, so why try and change what's working?

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