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Problem with my hot water heater?

I bought a house in December and haven't had any problems with the hot water heater until recently.

The pilot light kept going out so I had the thermocouple replaced. That didn't work and I was going to call someone to look at it again but with the nice weather, I turned my air conditioner off and the pilot light stayed on.

I know it sounds crazy but I'm thinking there has to be something with the AC and the pilot. Maybe a draft? Is this impossible?

It's a small house with no basement. The utility room is tiny with everything bunched together closely.

I didn't have a problem with the pilot all winter/summer until I started putting my AC and the second I turn it back off, it stays on.


Maybe I was wrong by saying the room was tiny. It's a decent size room with my furnace, hot water heater, washer and dryer. There's a door to the outside and a pocket door to the kitchen.

The door to the kitchen stays open all the time.

I had my air off for a week or so and it was working just fine, the entire time.

I turned my air on yesterday and within hours- it was out.

I'm 100% sure it has to do with the air and unfortunately, as great as your answers are, I don't think I can do anything to fix it. I have a meeting today with a company to take a look at it.

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    Yes, that sounds like a draft problem. In most areas it's code to have a fresh air intake going into the furnace/air handler, and there must also be a vent on the plenum or the cold air return so the pressure can equalize. If you close the utility room door and feel blowing or suction under it, then you have a pressure problem.

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    I'm going to assume the utility room is where the water heater is located. It's entirely possible that the pilot is being blown out by a draft, especially if you've left the small cover off the outer shell to make it easier to relight the pilot. The first thing I would look for would be a vent in the door to the room. If it's tiny, as you said, with stuff all stacked all around, and the room is comparatively air tight,, then every time you open and shut the door it makes a significant difference in the air flow of the room. This could cause the pilot to go out. If you don't have a vent opening in the actual utility room door, I'd install one. That way the air pressure would always stay the same in the two rooms, door opening, closing whatever. It wouldn't be tough to do, you can buy grilles in many different sizes at any home improvement store, you'll need two. Take them home and measure them, length and width. Then measure to find the center of your door. Find the center line of the grilles and mark them on the back so you can find this point again. The hole you should cut would be 2" smaller than the actual grille measurements, length and width. That will allow you 1" on each side for finding and installing a small screw. This could very well be the answer to the problem.

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    I comprehend the predicted life time of a water heater is 10 years. You reported "some years." it could in basic terms be achieving the top of that is functional life. Having had problems like this, i will enable you to comprehend which you do not choose that element to rupture and empty the water the place ever that's sitting. Get it checked via a expert or in basic terms choose for replace.

  • MARK
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    If you have a really weak pilot flame, a draft can blow it out. The thermocouple has nothing to do with the pilot flame itself. To improve the pilot flame, you might want to disconnect the gas line that runs from the gas valve to where the thermocouple is and clean it out. It may have debris in it causing the pilot light flame to be weak.

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  • Joe
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    Well, that's weird.

    What happens if you leave the door to the utility room open?

  • 7 years ago

    Try referring to the nearest repair center!!

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