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Now that Cambyman is back in NYC & the other moves made, what else will Knicks do?

- Knicks gave up Toney Douglas, Josh Harrellson, & Jerome Jordan to Houston for Marcus Camby. Giving NY a skilled rebounder (averaged 9 RPG in 24 min & posted three 20 rebound games this season), great defender (1x DPOY), and shot-blocker (4x blocking champion). He is also more skilled offensively than Chandler in that he can hit the jumper. He also played with Melo for 6 years and Smith for 3.

-Knicks will likely give Dallas Dan Gadzuric & James White for Jason Kidd in a sign and trade

- NY re-signed the reigning NBA 3pt champion in Steve Novak for $15 mil/4 yrs and it doesn't get included into our cap space because we own his bird rights.

- NY re-signed J.R. Smith

- NY is expected to match Houston's offer to Jeremy Lin

- Jared Jeffries is still a FA might as well bring him back on the cheap because he had a father role with Lin last season and now that Fields is gone. Lin needs Jeffries to stay. He took him out to eat last season after games and bonded with him telling him about NBA. Also even with Kidd/Camby on team Knicks combined age is still 22.5. NY needs more vets and at 30 Jeffries was NY's most versatile defender last year in that he can guard all positions. He also shouldn't be relied on to play significant minutes as a C but can play C a bit. He's one of the better help defenders in NBA and puts body on line to draw charges very well. He is terrible on offense but had some nice scoring games last year where he hit some jumpers. He also doesn't look to score but can still have a positive effect on the game which is something we need.

Who else should we look @. We currently have 8 roster spots of the 12 man rotation.

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    It's been a long time since Camby has played in NY. When Patrick went down with an injury, Camby made a name for him self. He played well in the 99' Finals.

    Knicks have the talent, they just need to work on chemistry.

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    Trade amare for Josh Smith and the will have a GREAT WALL OF NY around the rim. Josh Smith would be an excellent addition to the Knicks.

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    I nevertheless have a feeling they are going to be undesirable. collectively as they did get Alan Faneca to help their offensive line, they nevertheless have not got a real franchise QB or working returned. particular Thomas Jones is advantageous, yet they could upload yet another RB by the draft (that is totally deep at that place this year), to have a duo-RB device. that's what many different communities are doing. i've got heard that Clemens/Pennington are going to conflict for the QB activity. yet i do no longer think of the two may be the starter, and that they could seem returned in this draft. they decide for a QB which could throw the ball greater suitable than 35 yards (sorry Pennington), yet thats how i've got faith. If McFadden is sitting there whilst they %., i might take him. opportunities are high Matt Ryan is long previous, (i does no longer draft him besides, i think of he's greater of mid 1st-overdue 1st around skills). Who else might you're taking, a shielding participant? i think of the Jets decide for help on offense first, regardless of the incontrovertible fact that that is basically my prespective.

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    Try and get rid of Amare. Dude just ain't the same. If the Hawks can trade Joe Johnson's terrible contract, I'm sure they'll find a suitor for Amare.

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    For me, the trade to have Carmelo was an awful decision: the team with Stoudemire as star was going amazingly.

    In fact, now I'll trade Anthony for a good small forward but not a star.

    Probably, NYK won't do it so, being in them now, I'll trade Stoudemire for Love or Aldridge and I'll teach CA to pass the ball.

  • Id trade Amare for Aldridge..Amare is like Boozer..1 good season then they have epic fail season afterwards

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