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Is the Turin to Milan rail trip scenic?

I need to go to Rome via Milan after completing the Chur to Turin Berlina Express rail trip. I was wanting to choose between the train trip from Turin to Milan, or alternatively taking the return Berlina Express to Chur, then on to Zurich, then Zurich-Milan via the express train.

From a tourist's perspective, which is more scenic - Turin to Milan, or Zurich to Milan?

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    Zurich to Milan by far. You go through the alps, the most amazing thing you will ever see. It's about 3 1/2 hours, really astonishing.

    The Milan-Torino route, if you take the high speed, is just under a hour, and there is not much to see at all, just residential housing, and roads.

    Since you are a tourist and want views, without question, Zurich-Milan

    Source(s): Did Milan-Zurich twice, did Milano-Torino countless times.
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    Absolutely Zurich to Milan. Switzerland is particularly scenic travelling by train.

    The area between Turin and Milan is totally flat and boring. Anyway, I wonder if you may be interested in Turin; Turin itself is a very beautiful city, though not considered by most travel itineraries.

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    Train From Zurich To Milan

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    No, but the Lyon to Turin TGV rail trip is very scenic going thru the Alps like Hannibal !

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    8 years ago

    Very definitely yes. And rail is the best way to travel in Italy.

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