Tylenol Addiction? PLS HELP!?

Okay, so I have serious teeth problems - rotting, missing fillings, etc. I've been into see the dentist, that was a few months ago. At the time, the teeth were infected so they couldn't pull them. I was perscribed an antibiotic and told to alternate between Extra Strength Tylenol(the 500 mg) and Ibruprophen as needed for the pain. The infection went away, but the pain is still there. Went back to my dentist and made an appointment to get them fixed, but I'm still in pain. Dentist said it was okay to continue the use of Tylenol and Ibruphropen as needed for pain until they can get taken out.

Now, I have a few questions. Originally, I thought the dosage for extra strength Tylenol was no more then 8 pills a day, 4 - 6 hours apart, as needed. Now I'm hearing that the reccomended dosage has been lowered to 6 pills a day...but the label on the bottle still says 8. So which is true? Also, is it possible to develop an addiction to Tylenol? If so, what are some of the symptoms? And, is it possible to suffer withdrawls from Tylenol? If so, again, what are the symptoms?

Please guys, I know this may sound like a stupid question, but any help would be greatly apperciated. Ten points for the best answer.

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    8 years ago
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    tylenol is not physically addictive, but a mental need for it can develop.

    when possible, considering gradually taking one pill off at a time.

    4000mg of tylenol can get to the point where long-term safety is questionable, hence the recommendation to lower the max recommended dosage to 3000mg (also probably why the alternation between the two was recommended)

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  • 4 years ago

    Oh man, I feel your pain. I too am a Diet Coke addict... and caffeine free just doesn't taste the same. I keep tons of bottled water in my fridge and attempt to drink that instead, but whenever I'm out and about and thirsty, my first instinct is to walk in 711 and buy a diet coke! It's awful, especially since I'm trying to cut soda out of my diet so I can lose a few pounds. I think it is the caffeine like everyone else has said.

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