Does ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Prevent Food Poisoning? help?

I have a MAJOR fear of food poisoning and i don't eat meat anymore because of this issue! But i heard that ACV kills ALL bacteria that causes food poisoning, is this true? so do you think it can PREVENT or AVOID food poisoning? please help! i really want to eat meat and other foods without having to get food poisoning? thank you in advanced!

PS im 13 and im a girl xx

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    yes it does.

    I read Dr Jarvis' book on vinegar- Vermont folk medicine- on this exact topic in the 70s and many times after when I thought a food might be questionable or harmed in a power outage unless obviously spoiled I kept it even if it might smell a tad off but not sure and fed my family of 4 and made us all drink water with apple cider vinegar first and none of us every got a single sign of food poisoning or any gastrointestinal upset, so I am 100% convinced this does work as I have been using this for 35 to 40 years and never have I never have gotten even an upset stomach or food poisoning despite consuming food that had almost thawed out and in some cases had during power outages and might have been spoiled for all I know, Nor any of my family either.

    Dr Jarvis tells in the book of an elderly set of sisters in the habit of always drinking apple cider vinegar in water before any public food event, potluck or bbq and everyone (about 25 people) at one bbq getting food poising and having to have their stomachs pumped form eating lobster said which was spoiled and the only ones with zero sign of upset and no food poisoning was the 2 sisters who drank the vinegar first.

    this has never, ever failed me no matter if I was concerned about some food items or something left out a little too long.

    But personally I would think of becoming a vegan as meats and chicken etc in today;s factory farms is under very unsanitary condition with workers calling the tank of water where they throw the chickens fecal soup and every hamburger having the meat of up to a 1000 cows and many cases of e-coli etc

    If you must eat it, I suggest finding a food source of a small organic farmer over commercial meats and animal products.

    but definitely give the vinegar a try or read the book used on amazon 1 cent plus 3.99 shipping so $4

    be sure it is raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the cloudy mother in it. (the common brands in us sold at health food stores or sections of grocery store are braggs, eden or spectrum

    Source(s): 33 years study of herbs, alternative health and nutrition
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    Be very skeptical of stories like this.

    If meat caused food poisoning

    , everyone around you would be dropping dead. Common sense

    .ACV is acidic. You are healthier if you limit the amount of acidic foods you eat.

    Drinking acv will eat away your stomach lining, take the enamel off your teeth,(it doesn't grow back),

    and destroy throat tissue.So whoever told you this, doesn;'t know what they're talking about. So the next time someone tells you about what you should be eating, just ignore it.

    Just eat normal meals, including fast food, and relax. .

  • 8 years ago

    ACV is a good detoxing agent so it can help, to some extent, for food poisoning as in but it is unlikely that it kills ALL bacteria that cause food poisoning.

  • 4 years ago

    Apple Cider Vinegar Truth :

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