What is the deal with Lebanon's 3 day internet black-out?

None of us had internet for a few days due to the internet cords being damaged (?). Some days it was REALLY slow and others it didn't work at all.

Though Telecom confirmed via SMS that since then, the connection has been repaired.

I would like to know the details of the black-out and if it will have an affect on the Lebanese economy.

Thank you very much!!


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    9 years ago
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    there was a cable cut between egypt and france ... it is from the main cable (IMEWE) that provides lebanon with internet connection ... and because we have no back up the old cable between lebanon and cyprus was used but its capacity is way less than the IMEWE cable so the internet speed and quality were really bad

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  • It was killing me ._.

    The internet was out in 8 different countries due to the cord being damaged i think it was coming from cyprus.

    It didn't really affect us that badly tho some people were out of work for 3 days since they're job is pretty much to post things on the net besides the internet in lebanon has always been Sh*tty so it wasn't a big deal or anything new.

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