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My girlfriend is eating way too much?

aweek ago, my gf (slim and petite girl of about 4'11 and 108 pounds) asked me if i would still love her if she gained weight. I told her that of course Weight gain happens especially as we age, and I told her that it wouldn't change my love. I even added that she could look nice with a little extra padding The next day i woke up and saw her eating ice cream on the couch a whole gallon of haagan daaz chocolate peanut butter ice cream. She'd eaten it then microwaved it and drank the rest. it has11,000 calories! We then went to dunkin donuts b/c we always do to get coffee, but this time she got a chocolate chip muffin (660 cals) and a large coffee coolatta (800) After we went out to breakfast like we always do. We usually go to a little diner but she asked if we could go to ihop. I thought she wouldn't be hungry so i asked if she just wanted something small like an english muffin. She said that she wanted cinna stick french toast (1300) and 8 pork links (720). My omelette came with a stack of pancakes and she at those too (890) She put at least 4 tablespoons of syrup on the french toast and at least 6 on the pancakes (1150) Her belly was so bloated on her tiny frame. I had to carry her out of ihop and she unzipped her pants fully in the car. When we got home she took a nap. I went out to go get some tums and gas medicine for her but when i got back she was sitting on the couch eating nutella out of the jar and sprinkling extra powdered sugar on it. She ate the whole jar! (1900) she also ate the rest of the bag of powdered sugar (1/2 cup ish) (240) I suggested we take a walk and she agreed and put on sweats and a baggy shirt (her stomach was still very bloated). We walked for about 1/4 mile and then we saw a sign for a fair. At the fair She ate 3 small/medium sized funnel cakes (800 cals) I bought her a fried snickers and told her we could have it later, but as I was saying that, she gulped the whole thing down (450). I was trying to win aprize, she got more food. I got back and saw that she'd eaten a fried cheesecake (655) and a bowl of deep fried mac n' cheese (610. I said "you must be full! want to go walking for a bit more?" she said that she actually wanted to go get lunch. I said "how!?" and she got very offended and cried, so I took her to where she wanted to go (apple bees). She got the quesadilla burger (1800) I got a bacon cheddar cheeseburger but I was so full from breakfast at ihop that i only ate 1/4. She ate the rest (470) she also wanted dessert but she couldn't decide so she got a chocolate chip cookie sundae (1660) and a blondie (990). She told me to get something too so i got a blue ribbon brownie. I didn't eat a bite and ran to the bathroom because i felt like I was going to puke. I didn't, but I waited for my tummy to calm down in the bathroom and untucked my shirt and unbuttoned my pants. When i got back, she had eaten my whole brownie (1290 cals). She also ordered me another one and apologized for eating mine. I said i was too full so the waitress boxed it. My gf ate it in the car (1290). I left her at home to go visit my gran. When i got back i went to take out the trash. She was passed out on the couch I noticed that she'd gone to mcdonalds while i was out and she'd gotten a lrg shake (1100) and she'd also eaten a full bag of sunchips (1550) and a bucket of tollhouse cookie dough (4320). Then we went out to the bar and movies with friends. She wore a very very loose fitting dress but you could still see her bloated belly. We went to TGI fridays and she got fried mozzarella (770) and crispy green bean fries for an app (900). She got a pecan crusted chicken salad (1100) and bleu cheese dressing (350). She also got a clam chowder (500) and seasoned fries (300). For an entree she ate ribs and shrimp (1170). My friend's fiancé said "are you storing up for the winter or something? have you not eaten in weeks" My gf got sad and defensive and said "I've eaten barely anything all day" (obv not true!) Im glad he said that because i was getting really worried. She also ordered a salted caramel cake for us to share but she ate the whole thing (1110). After five sierra nevada big foots (1475) she was drunk and bloated. You could see her whole belly, she looked preg. At the movies, she had a large movie theatre butter popcorn (1200) with extra butter (250). My friend asked if she was pregnant and if I was worried. That night she also consumed a payday right before bed (250). She's been eating like this the whole wee I'm worried for her health. is it all b/c my comment? I don't care if she's fat but I want her to live long n healthy! She ate 45,000 calories that day and thats unhealthy! We have a scale i looked at her setting and she's up to 126:18 pounds in 1 week! I don't want to hurt her feelings and idc if she's chubby now (she is a bit plump her BMI is now 25 which is overwe


I think ill tell her that I'm concerned for her health…like i said i don't care if she's chubby. She looks nice with the weight actually but she won't do anything with me anymore. All she does is eat and sleep and lay around. I don't know why she's doing this! and no I'm not rich! I spent my whole paycheck on food for her and falling behind on rent!!!!

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    I think that when you said she'd look nice with a bit of extra weight that made her want to gain weight to look nice and impress you. Or as other answers have said she may be testing to see if you really will stick by her if she gains weight. Just sit her down when she's in a good mood and tell her that you like the way she looks right now and you don't understand why she's eating so much so suddenly because it's worrying you that it might've been something you said that's made her do it or if not, what is it? Who knows someone may have called her too skinny or something so she got really offended so she's trying to gain weight now, whatever it is say you can sort it out together. :)

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    Maybe she's testing you because she don't believe you won't leave her., or maybe she is sick of you and trying to get rid of you.

    She must be rich! thats a lot of money on food.

    You go out to eat a lot!!

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    Tell her, but not that she is fat. Tell her you are worrying her about what she is doing to her body and that if you eat to much it can cause heart failure. Tell her all the negatives and tell her you are really worried about her.

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    tell her you want to go on a diet and ask if she will do the same to help/support you.

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