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how to say and pronounce hello in different languages?

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  • Dr. N
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    7 years ago
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    French- Bonjour! (bon-ZHOOR)

    Spanish- ¡Hola! (oh-LAH)

    Portuguese- Olà! (oh-LAH)

    German/Dutch- Hallo! (hah-LOH)

    Italian- Ciao! (chee-AO)

    Chinese- 你好 (NI-hao)

    Russian- Привет! (Pree-VIET)

    Japanese- こんにちは (Ko-nee-CHI-wah)

    Hindi- नमस्ते (Nah-mas-TEH)

    Source(s): 'Zh' is pronounced like the 'S' in Pleasure The French 'R' are pronounced in the throat, like you do with a 'K' but use the back of your tongue. The Russian 'R' is a rolling 'R' pronounced like in Spanish where you tap the tongue in the front of your moth, like you do with a 'D' but faster.
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hello is (as you know) hell-oh.

    Hola in spanish would be (oh-la)

    Bonjour in french would be (bone-sure)

    Ciao in italian would be (chow)

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