Humidity control systems for the home?

Anyone have one of these systems, and if so are they worth the extra money? I am looking into a dehumidifying system for a new home that I am building and would like some info before I meet with the A/C guy.

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  • James
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    9 years ago
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    1) Are you sure you need a whole-house dehumidifying system? Homes should have some moisture in them (around 30-50% with 40-45% being ideal).

    2) Homes heated with dry air can need a humidifier to add humidity. Homes with hot water/steam heat tend not to dry out.

    3) Dehumidifiers usually are prescribed for hot, humid climates and are part of central air conditioning systems. However, dehumidifiers that are *not* part of a central A/C unit tend to work better and with fewer mechanical problems. These are usually stand-alone electric units and require emptying.

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