I'm putting together a survival kit?

I have the basics:

Survival knife

Water filter

Easily moveable cooking stove.

15 watt solar panel

Survival seed vault around 30 seeds + an additional 80 from stores i've visited.

Mayday 4 person deluxe emergency survival kit. (Note: I only need it for me so that will be even better)

Blade sharpener

6 day emergency water supply

Quakehold! 70280 Grab-'n-Go Emergency Kit, 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack

Emergency Shelter Tent, Reflective Tube Tent, Cold Weather Emergency Shelter, Emergency Zone Brand

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10)

Waterproof matches (box of 100)

Emergency fire starter

4 datrex 3600 calorie bars

Do I have everything I would need in case a period of martial law erupted an I needed to escape the country/survive on food and hunt my game, plant the seeds etc? Anything i'm missing?


Yes I meant to add I have a 300$ crossbow and I have used it a few times, i'm not the best with it because I haven't got to use it alot.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The fact of the matter is you are might be dealing with a “Without Rule of Law” situation, or close to it, and people are likely to do crazy things. Being prepared to defend yourself is part of the survivalist mindset.

    Obviously a firearm of some sort is best for this. (Though not in all situations) I will not go into specifics about what type of gun you should bring because that is hotly debated and really a personal choice. Take what is comfortable to you.

    Outside of guns your survival knife could be used as weapon if you had to. Also something as simple as a big walking stick or club can be a strong deterrent for bad guys. It’s all about giving yourself options.

    And you will need more than 100 matches.....

    Source(s): Here is all the info you need: http://survivalcache.com/
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It is not clear whether you are thinking of merely surviving or adopting an alternative life style. If the power grid failed, it is likely we would all be scrambling for candles and matches, or flashlights and batteries. Having a supply on hand in an emergency situation would certainly beat rushing to the store before such things were cleaned off the shelves. So planning ahead is always a vital part of survival. Another aspect of survival is the ability to utilized the materials you have on hand, in some case to different ends, than to what they were intended. Someone once said your best survival tool rest between your ears. One might add a little imagination can go along way. For example a simple green garbage bag, aside from being a container for refuse, with a few strategic incisions can be transformed into rain gear, or a shelter for one. In a rain soaked forest where is the best source of dry firewood? The reality is that its everywhere. Every piece of wood that is soaked on the exterior has a dry core, but you’ll need an hatch to split it, in order to expose the dry center. For hunters survival is generally a temporary condition not an alternative life style, in most cases a result of getting lost while pursuing game. However they always have a back up emergency plan, which they create by leaving the details of where they will be hunting, and when they expect to return with someone who they can trust to alert the authorities should they not show up at the expected time. Their needs are generally shelter and the means to construct , a fire and the means to light it and some device for signaling. A fresh water source is essential, and possibly the means to purify it. If all goes well, they should be found in a few day, so food is not necessarily a burning issue. However having a firearm with ample ammunition, if game presence itself, they have the means to take it as a food source. The firearm can also double as a signaling device. The contents of a hunter’s survival pack should be those items he can effectively use to ensure his survival until he is found. Having said this, if what you are looking to do is achieve some type of alternative life style, then it might be wise to take Aaron’s advise and seek out a survival forum run by some real anti-government folks.

    Source(s): These detail are generally covered in a Hunter Safety Education course.
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  • 8 years ago

    that's not a survival kit, that's a bug in kit lol.

    a survival kit is a kit that can be easily carried but has the immediate essentials that fill the main requirements for good survival:

    Cutting Tool - like a knife, machete or hatchet/small ax.

    Combustion - something to start fire like a ferrocerium firesteel, fresnel lens, solar lighter, pre-made tinder.

    Cover - some form of shelter like a space blanket, tarp, poncho, ect.

    Container - something to hold water, preferably steel like a water bottle or pot.

    Cordage - some form of pre-made cordage, bankline, paracord and thick twisted twine are best.

    everything else can be recreated with some knowledge and a little work fairly easily, the 5 C's above are some are the hardest and essential items you need to survive.

    what you have listed would be for a large group of people and you never use matches for survival, too easy to break, lose or ruin.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    - magnesium fire starter with flint

    - a couple cheap bic flint or piezo lighters. a lighter is worth 100 matches and uses less space and still works even if it soaked in water for a week. just let is dry out and it'll work again.

    - use strike anywhere matches instead of strike-on-box matches.

    - a survival manual or two will be extremely helpful identifying edible and toxic plants. growing food isn't all that practical- it typically takes 30 to 60 days before anything is edible.

    - a small vial of bleach. since you did not mention any way ot hold water, a small vial of bleach will prove invaluable to decon containers to hold water.

    - first aid kit with basic first aid manual. even a basic $20 one will be better than nothing

    - a place to go with all salvage/areas of interest pre-scouted out. you need at least an idea of where to go, in the SHTF not having a plan will lead to poor decisions that can results in death or severe injury

    - a .22 pistol with a brick or two of ammunition. either a .22LR revolver like the Taurus Tracker 990 (single/double action external hammer swing out cylinder hand ejector) or a .22LR semiautomatic like the Ruger Mk (series) that has a longer barrel so you can hunt game with it. .22LR is the most practical for on-foot bug out. it seems you're on foot.

    .22LR is lightweight, you can carry a huge amount of ammo (1100 rounds for 8 lbs), perfect for small game or self-defense.

    .22LR pistols are not quiet, if you don't mind carrying a rifle, a rifle might be a better pick, something like a Marlin 925 or other detachable magazine bolt action. if you shoot subsonic ammo out of a rifle it'll be really quiet compared to a .22lr pistol. rifles also have more range- you cna shoot further with more accuracy. but the rifle would be heavier, bulkier for someone on foot and not concealable.

    - water canteen will be very practical to haul water and use it anytime.

    - USGS map or other topographical map showing terrain and local water sources. road maps are terrible for navigation, they rarely show any topographical features- like a ravine or big river, stuff that can severely impact your travel.

    loose the solar panel, you won't need it. cell system will be flooded, and there's little other use for electricity.

    loose the seeds, its unlikely you'll find a place you can stay put for at least a year. (farming takes a long long time)

    loose the cooking stove, a good aluminum-clad pot over a open fire will do alot better.

    loose the 6 day supply. two 2L bottles will be all you need, just refill when possible.

    if you plan to go by car, you should consider a larger supply of stuff. and bigger guns, because if you go by car that is obviously loaded with survival goodies (it'll be hard not to stand out) you'll be going higher profile, meaning more competition /risk.

    Source(s): I plan to bug out by car, technically it's a convoy of 6 cars made up of my family & friends
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Lights. A self-charging light is a good thing. Something like a crank type flashlight.

    Rope. 50 foot of high strength rope, 200 foot of 550 cord.

    Fishing tackle. A few small hooks, 50 foot of kevlar line on a sewing bobbin and some weights in a pill bottle.

    Radio. Again, a crank style am/fm/shortwave receiver is a good thing. Keep informed!

    Waterproof notepad and pen. To take or leave notes.

    A 10x12 foot camo tarp. Your tent is NOT really waterproof.

    A high quality multi-tool is always needed.

    A folding saw beats the hell out of using a knife to chop wood to the length you need.

    Money...small bills, rolls of change. Your choice about silver/gold. If you choose to stock up on these, avoid mint coins, bullion, and such. Take junk gold/silver and small usable denomination coins. ie...silver dimes/quarters

    You need a firearm. Anything in .22lr caliber is good. Preferably a autoloading pistol and rifle. Keep them small and neat as weight is a huge factor. 500 rounds is good. Forget the battle rifles, sniper rifles and massive artillery. You won't really need it.

    You need a lot of OTC meds, benedryl, stuff for diarrhea, ibuprofen are critical, as well as a good supply of basic first aid supplies. Build your kit, don't try to buy. You never get your money's worth. If you are not trained in FA, include a really good FA manual.

    I highly suggest an Esbit stove and fuel. Perfect for survival.

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  • 4 years ago

    Sounds like you have good intentions, but this is not what she needs and it isn't going to help her. She needs good people in her corner. She needs some healthy distractions from what she is going through. I suggest asking her to do things with you, like go for a long walk every Saturday morning. Listen to her. Don't judge. Don't bash the guy. Let her talk. I'm a guy and it is my wife that initiated the divorce. Doing physical things like walking, running and working out helped me to manage anxiety and stress. I had a couple of people walk with me at work everyday and just listened, because I needed to talk about what I was going through, for some reason. This isn't like me, but it is a need that came up through this. Offer up your place as a spot to crash if she needs to get away for an evening. Extend yourself and offer to be there for her as she needs you. Everyday you feel differently and sometimes, nothing actually happens that causes changes in your feelings. It's just part of what you are going through. Text her nightly before bed for a quick check in. Tell her you were thinking about her and ask if she is okay. These,are the kinds of things that helped me and that I needed.

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  • 8 years ago

    You have WAY to much! you want the whole kit to be light enough to be able to be carried for a long distance, if need be. I'd ditch 9 thermal blankets, cut 3 days of water out(get it as you go. much too heavy to carry). It's not about quantity of stuff, it's about quality. The Quakehold! kit is mostly crap. Make your own kit. i will give you an idea of what i keep in my kit.

    Bag-S.O.C 3 Day Pass

    U.S. Army 1qt. canteen with canteen cup

    8ft. x 10ft. tarp (for shelter) plus mosquito net

    knife x2

    light (flashlight, headlamp, and wind up light)

    fire kit (fire steel, lighter, and dryer lint for tinder)


    2-3 days of food

    water purification tablets

    pen, pencil, sharpie, notepad

    beanie (cold weather hat)

    Mechanix gloves


    first aid supplies

    compass and map of my area and map of my state

    SOCKS and UNDERWEAR (2-3 pairs; you can wash them, but stay away from infections)

    Also, a .22 pistol or .22 bolt rifle (whatever i feel like grabbing, I've got more weapons at my bugout location)

    Source(s): hope i helped!
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  • 8 years ago

    In the hopefully unlikely scenario that does happen, yes you are missing enough water to keep those seeds growing, and it's a rather weird one to boot. To assume planting and growing food is an extended circumstance, and ties you down to a single location. Thats a bad move. And you cant hunt game with just a knife, trust me you are not fast enough to. Think this through a little bit more man.

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  • august
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    You forgot about the truck you'll need to move all that crap.

    Seeds? Seriously? Are you planning for woods survival, or the apocalypse?

    I think maybe you should completely rethink your "survival" plan. Lugging that huge pack around is going to burn more calories than you need.

    Just invite the 82nd Airborne Division along... They'll help you survive.

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  • 8 years ago

    You forgot your common sense and survival knowledge. What are you gonna do when all that crap runs out? Have you ever killed and cooked game in the field? Your best bet is to read "When all Hell breaks loose!" Or "98.6" by Cody Lundin. Another good book is the "SAS Survival Guide" to help you learn how to make shelters and traps. Good luck Sir!

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