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Why hasnt any male player won The Grand Slam since the great Rod Laver?

The Grand Slam is winning ALL 4 Slams in the same calendar year before you all start arguing lol

Steffi Graf won it in 1988


*No I am NOT thinking of a 'golden' grand slam - that's the grand slam with Olympic gold medal thrown in

Update 2:

*David is totally correct

Update 3:

*kasper - Laver played the top seeded players of his day whether they were all amateur (before pro tennis) or as a pro. They were ALL the best in the world.

I would say that surfaces are different along with pace of the court and raquets and strings are very different to what they were.

Back in the day only the French was on clay the others were all played on grass

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  • David
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    I hate when people misunderstand the Grand Slam. It traditionally has been only for winning all four tournaments in the same year. Now we have any major tournament being called a Grand Slam and such idiotic terms as Career Grand Slam, meaning winning all four majors at any time in their career. It cheapens the term. Four in one year is something special and deserves to be recognized as such.

    You are correct about Laver being the last male Grand Slam Winner. And he did it twice! What made Laver great-and Steffi Graf also-was being able to dominate on all kinds of services. I watched Laver play back in the 60's and remember the excitement when he won his second Grand Slam. People have thought Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic could do it. Frankly, I'd be very surprised if any of them were able to win all four in a year. They're not Laver.

  • 9 years ago

    A Grand Slam is just one tournament. You're thinking about a Golden Grand Slam.

    It's not exactly an easy achievement - being able to win in 4 separate locations on 4 different playing surfaces and environments. A player is usually better on one surface than they are on another. Plus you shouldn't underestimate the ability required to even win one Grand Slam in a year, never mind 4.

    All of these factors together mean that it is an incredible feat. One which will take a lot to beat. I think if anyone can achieve this accolade, Roger Federer can though.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    because laver played a weak field.He was very good, but if everyone else was bad, he managed to win it.

    He would not even show up for a match against someone like nadal or federer.

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